7 Things to Prepare Before You Hike in the Mountains

prepare for mountain hike

Hiking is cool! Although most people brush it off as just walking on dirt or rocks, those of us who enjoy it know that there’s something so fun in it.

The beauty of backpacking is that it holistically benefits you: mentally, physically, and health-wise.

It does not necessarily mean taking a 4-month sojourn hundreds of miles away from home.

Spending one day with the Mother Nature is still enough to reinvigorate you.

But wait! 

As simple as hiking may sound, it also requires good planning and preparation- regardless of the length of the hike and how experienced you are.

Planning reduces the chances of being stuck for a whole week after the hike. It could also be a lifesaver.

Why Should You Keep Your Hiking Boots Dry? and How to Waterproof Your Hiking Boots?

Keep Your Hiking Boots Dry

Whenever the topic "Hiking" comes up, the first thing that clicks most people’s mind is waterproof/water resistant boots.

It has been so from the days of old.

But let’s put things straight here. Are waterproof and water resistant boots truly waterproof or water resistant?

What do these two terms mean? Are they the same thing?