9 Great Tips Will Help You Make Fire in The Rain or Wet Conditions

Fire In The Rain Or Wet

When you are camping out on a dry or sunny day, it is fairly easy to get the fire going.

All you have to go is gather the firewood, light up a spark and then tend the fire until it is handsome enough to keep you warm or to cook some quality food.

The real challenge is when you are outdoors on a wet or damp day or camping in the snow.

At such times, kindling a fire is a fairly hard job. This is where the following tips come in handy. 

These tips will help you create a fire in rainy or wet conditions.

Camping in Snow: Top 6 Important Tips You Should Not Ignore

Camping in Snow Tips

Camping outdoors is a great way of getting up close with nature and enjoying its various colors. 

Most people prefer to camp in the summers when the landscape is greener, rivers are flowing, firewood is plenty and they don’t have to face extreme temperatures.

However, camping in winters is as much fun. 

Winters offer an altogether different landscape for nature lovers. The white blanket of snow covers everything including the trees that stand like white sentinels. 

The rivers and lakes are frozen, and there are no tourists around. So winter is a quieter but equally scenic time to camp outdoors.

7 Things to Prepare Before You Hike in the Mountains

prepare for mountain hike

Hiking is cool! Although most people brush it off as just walking on dirt or rocks, those of us who enjoy it know that there’s something so fun in it.

The beauty of backpacking is that it holistically benefits you: mentally, physically, and health-wise.

It does not necessarily mean taking a 4-month sojourn hundreds of miles away from home.

Spending one day with the Mother Nature is still enough to reinvigorate you.

But wait! 

As simple as hiking may sound, it also requires good planning and preparation- regardless of the length of the hike and how experienced you are.

Planning reduces the chances of being stuck for a whole week after the hike. It could also be a lifesaver.

How to Pitch A Tent In 6 Easy Steps: A Hunter’s Guide

How To Pitch A Tent

Setting up your tent should be the first thing you do when you go on a hunting expedition.

Many are the times when a hunting experience goes awry because you did not erect the tent firmly or the site ended up being inappropriate. 

So, are you wondering, "How do I set up this tent quickly and nicely?"

Odds are you have the instructional manual, but it appears unhelpful.

You haven’t done this before and don’t have the luxury of hiring someone to do it.

Take it easy. 

These tips on how to pitch your tent will not only make light work of the daunting task but also leave you with a shelter sturdy enough to see you through the elements.

Great Things to Do While Camping at Night

Things to do While Camping at Night

The best part about camping during the day is that you have a whole slew of exciting activities to keep everyone actively involved.

You can explore the great outdoors through bird watching, leaf collecting, picking berries, and going on safari photos among other things.

But what happens when the sun goes down? Things can get a little tough since unlike at home, you cannot catch a movie!

But this doesn’t really mean that your camping trip should be any dull.

There are as many activities that you can do at night as you can do during the day. You just need to be creative.

In the next couple of minutes, therefore, I’ll be revealing to you several things that you can do at night with

  • Your kids
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    As a couple
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    As a group