Great Things to Do While Camping at Night

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The best part about camping during the day is that you have a whole slew of exciting activities to keep everyone actively involved.

You can explore the great outdoors through bird watching, leaf collecting, picking berries, and going on safari photos among other things.

But what happens when the sun goes down? Things can get a little tough since unlike at home, you cannot catch a movie!

But this doesn’t really mean that your camping trip should be any dull.

There are as many activities that you can do at night as you can do during the day. You just need to be creative.

In the next couple of minutes, therefore, I’ll be revealing to you several things that you can do at night with

  • Your kids
  • check
    As a couple
  • check
    As a group


Things to Do While Camping at Night With Kids

things to do while camping at night

Most kids aren’t so easy to amuse. While you could just stay there gazing at the fire (also known as the Caveman TV) and allow your mind to wander freely deep into the night, children can get easily bored.

So, how do you stir things up at night?

1. It’s Story Time!

Story-telling has for long been the most important tradition that humans possess.

Kids just love stories especially when it’s narrated by a parent, a grandparent, or an older sibling.

Mind you, you really need not be a prolific storyteller to keep those young champs excited. They will still enjoy, anyway.

You only need to know how to bring out some excitement, joy, laughter, and courage. Kids want to experience the hero in the story saving the day.

But remember to make the stories relevant to your audience. This is not the best time for some gripping stories- spare those for another day.

2. Have Fun Sky-Watching

fun things to do while camping at night

Do your kids always stump you with night sky questions about the vastness of the stars, the moon, and other constellates?

There can never be a better time to feed their fascination with the sky than when camping.

This is because the sky is easily observable and pretty appealing away from the city light.

While observing the moon with a pair of binoculars is super cool, you could just gaze at the sky without these specialized gadgets.

Kids are just curious, and the sky has lots of amazing things that they can see without the help of expensive binoculars of telescopes.

Cool Stuff to Do While Camping at Night as a Couple Beside…

Nothing is as good as enjoying your partner’s company hundreds of miles away from the distractions of civilization.

According to research, couples who camp together have better sex than the rest. But camping is not always about duh.

So, how do you light up the evening together?

1. Let It Be a Date

If you thought that dates are best done in the noisy cities, you might want to try it out in the camp where there are only 2 souls in sight.

You are bound to get a more refined experience than ever before.

There are hundreds of ways of making your Wild Date worth remembering.

For instance, you could wake up early and watch as the sun rise. In the evening, nothing is as good as watching the sunset with your loved one wrapped up on in your arms.

You could also prepare a nice meal together. Making some S’mores in the moonlight is also never a bad idea.

2. Wish Upon a Star

stuff to do in camping at night

Just gazing at the stars with the one you love is much more than binge-watching Netflix.

It is romantic, and research also shows that it deepens relationships.

And as I told you before, you don’t need a telescope for this.

You just need to hold each other and look up. Watch the moon and learn constellations by understanding the patterns among the stars.

On this note too, try to locate the North Star.

3. Visit Other Campers

You don’t always have to be stuck in your tent throughout the camping trip.

Things get even more exciting if you visit your friends in the nearby camps especially in the evening.

It’s just exciting.

How to Enjoy a Camping Trip at Night With Friends

Camping is best enjoyed in the company of friends.

While most people result in drinking while having some time together, here are a few activities that you could do together instead:

1. Play Name Games

A great way of making everybody in the camp feel at ease is by playing fun games. This one comes before the icebreakers since it helps reinforce the faces with names. 

The internet has lots of exciting name games including Bumpity Bum Bum Bum, Double-Whammy Name Toss, Name line, and High Five Name Toss among others.

2. Tell a Story of Your Life

what to do when your camping at night

Another great way of passing the time in the camp at night is by telling stories.

We’ve all have had experiences in our life, some pleasing and others not even worth remembering.

What you probably don’t know is that most people are eager to hear your story and tell theirs.

There is no other good time to do that than in camps and at night.

You could come up with a general theme, for instance, how couples met, what led to breaking up in their previous relationships, and campus life.

The options are just inexhaustible.

3. Play Games, Truth and Dare, for Instance

You must have played this game either during a sleepover or a weekend party.

But it’s even more exhilarating when played around a bonfire in the camp. The best part of this game is that it accommodates all age groups.

Again, the internet has thousands of funny, embarrassing, flirty, and dirty questions that could make the game pretty interesting.

4. Dance Around the Fire

things to do while camping at night

Bringing an instrument to the camp is a great way to keep people entertained in the evening.

You can decide to either have a group dance or take turns dancing to tunes.

This can be even more interesting if you have the luxury of hauling a karaoke system to the camp. This way, you can take turns to listen to others as they put lyrics to the beats. 

You just don’t know how fun this can get!

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