Connecticut Hunting Seasons 2018 – 2019

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Connecticut is a state with more than 60% of forestland, making it a haven for EVERY hunter and Connecticut Hunting Seasons offer an ideal opportunity for catching unique animals.

Connecticut is a state with plenty of open space and diverse forests for catching big and small game animals. Some of the big game animals you can find here are deer and turkey. Small game animals, birds and furbearers are also available for both experienced and beginner hunters.

Knowing all about the exact seasons for each game you’re interested in is what makes you a successful hunter and makes hunting a fantastic experience.

Interested in special hunting opportunities?


Hunting lottery is a unique way of hunting that only the luckiest ones can experience. Deer lottery is conducted to enable hunters to win a limited amount of permits for hunting deer on specific locations which are controlled hunting areas. The archery-only lottery is entirely different from the regular lottery terms of season dates.

Connecticut Deer Seasons

connecticut hunting season calendar




*September 15 – December 31
*January 1 - 31


*November 20 – December 10
*November 1 – December 31 (Landowner)


*December 11 – December 31

Archery (Lottery)

*September 16 – December 31

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone

Connecticut Turkey Seasons




*April 24 – May 25

Fall (Bowhunting)

*September 16 – January 31

Fall (Firearms)

*October 5 - 31

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone

connecticut hunting season 2019

Connecticut Small Game, Birds and Furbearers Seasons




October 19 – December 31
January 1 – February 28

Ruffed Grouse

October 19 – November 30


October 19 – November 2

Chukar and Hungarian Partridge

October 19 – December 31
January 1 – February 28


January 12 – March 30 (Monday through Saturday)
August 10 – October 11 (Wed.,Fri.,Sat.)
October 19 – November 30 (Wed.,Fri.,Sat.)

Ducks, Mergansers and Coots

*October 6 – 17

*November 10 – January 19

Seas Ducks

*November 12 – January 19

Canada Geese

*September 1 – February 15

Snow Geese

*October 1 – March 9


*November 2 – January 19

Raccoon & Opossum

January 1 – 19
October 19 – December 31

Red and Grey Foxes

January 1 – February 28
October 19 – December 31


January 1 – December 31

Snowshoe Hare

January 1 – 31
November 17 – December 31


March 15 – November 15

Gray Squirrel

January 1 – February 28
September 1 – December 31

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone

License Requirements

In Connecticut, a person must be 12 years old to hunt. Persons between 12 to 15 years old must be accompanied by a licensed hunter who is at least 18 years old. Before getting your hunting or trapping license, you need a certificate indicating a competition of a Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety (CE/FS) course. If you want to have a certification in firearms and bow hunting, you have to be at least ten years old. 

Hunting licenses are available to both residents and non-residents, but if you want to get resident’s rates, you need to provide that you live in Connecticut.

If you are a resident in Connecticut, you will need Connecticut Conservation ID number to purchase licenses and permits. Residents who are 65 years or older can have their license for free. Connecticut provides unique opportunities for hunting for persons with disabilities.

Want to know where you can buy your hunting license? All permits for hunting and trapping can be purchased online

Night Hunting in Connecticut

Night hunting in Connecticut is allowed on raccoons and opossums only. Although the use of ammunition larger than .22 caliber rimfire to hunt opossum or raccoon at night is prohibited. Night vision equipment is allowed in Connecticut.

Where to Hunt in Connecticut?

Connecticut offers many public areas for hunting opportunities. Each area is open for certain types of hunting and species and can have special restrictions. All the areas can be viewed using the Interactive Hunting Maps Tool.

For more up to date information visit the Hunting page and remember to check out all season descriptions for every species you want to hunt, as well as special tags, stamps and permits for specific areas.

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