Louisiana Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Are you interested in hunting various species? Louisiana hunting seasons are a perfect choice for either experienced or inexperienced hunters since it’s one of the best hunting grounds!

The vast and fertile land of the state of Louisiana is a place where hunters find their sanctuary. An enormous diversity of species living and thriving within nature is at your disposal, and that’s why this state is perfect for hunting! The hunting opportunities vary from duck or geese to alligators. Of course, deer and turkey are the main focus of every professional hunter.

You can either embark on this journey on your own if you’re experienced or look for a guided tour. There are plenty of options even for beginners, and professional guides will help you hunt like a professional!


Louisiana Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

louisiana hunting seasons 2019

#1. Louisiana Deer Seasons



Bag Limit


*October – January

Possession limit is 6 per season not to exceed 3 antlered as well as 4 antlerless per seasons, with an exception for area 4. Daily Bag limit is 1 antlerless and 1 antlered.

Firearms (no dogs)

*October – January

Firearms With dogs or without

December to January

*NOTE: Season dates may greatly vary by zone or area.

#2. Louisiana Wild Turkey Seasons



Bag Limit

General Season

*April 6 – May 5

Season limit is two gobblers per season and daily bag limit is one gobbler per day.

Disabled and Youth Hunt

March 30 – 31

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

#3. Louisiana Small Game Seasons



Bag Limit


September 1 – February 28

Daily bag limit – 5


​October 6 – February 28
May 4 – 26

Daily bag limit – 8
Possession limit - 24

Raccoon, Opossum, Bobcat

Open Season

Daily bag limit 2 raccoon and 2 opossum, but 1 bobcat per calendar year

Quail & Pheasant

November 17 – February 28

Daily bag limit (Pheasant) – No limit
Daily bag limit (Quail) – 10 & possession limit - 30


October 6 – February 28

Daily bag limit – 8
Possession Limit - 24

*NOTE: In some areas, squirrel spring season is closed. The limits for small game vary from specie to specie as well as from season to season.

louisiana hunting seasons 2018-19

License Requirements

Who needs a hunting license? All residents and non-residents who are 16 or older must have a Basic Hunting License if they want to hunt, possess, transport and take any wild bird or quadrupeds. If anyone wants to hunt deer, bobcat, turkey or waterfowl needs additional special licenses.

Who doesn’t need a license? Residents and non-residents under age 16, and residents who are born before June 1, 1940, are not required to have a license, but they need to have a proof of their age whenever hunting.

Disabled residents in Louisiana can obtain a license free of charge or at reduced prices. For active military personnel, Louisiana license is available at the same prices as for residents. Retired military resident can obtain their license for reduced costs.

Anyone born after September 1, 1969, must complete a Hunter Education Course before engaging in any hunting and purchasing any license.

Where can you buy your license? All licenses can be purchased online, via phone or at LDWF offices and local retailers.

Night Hunting in Louisiana

Night hunting in Louisiana is allowed on private property only. The landowner, or someone who has written permission and the landowner’s contact information in his possession, can hunt outlaw coyotes, feral hogs, armadillos, beaver and nutria, but only during nighttime hours from the last day of February to the last day of August that same year.

During that time, all hunters can hunt with any legal firearm and can use the aid of artificial lights, laser and infrared sighting devices. Night vision devices are allowed under these circumstances noted above. Anyone who is taking part in hunting activities at night is required to notify the sheriff’s office 24 hours in advance.

Where to Hunt in Louisiana?

 louisiana hunting seasons duck

Do you know which areas are reserved for hunting in Louisiana? There are roughly 2 million acres of land available for hunting. The state of Louisiana offers coastal areas and shorelines where you can find many hunting opportunities.

Areas for hunting in Louisiana are organized in Wildlife Management Areas. Each area has different regulations and various species for hunting. So be careful, always check the area in which you plan to hunt, be thoroughly prepared, and check if your license is valid.

If you follow these requirements, you’ll have a successful and enjoyable hunt.

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