Utah Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Looking for a hunting adventure? Utah hunting seasons offer every hunter an unforgettable opportunity to catch animals in its scenic woods and explore numerous hunting areas.

The state of Utah offers astonishing hunting experience to everyone. The incredible nature, which is just a perfect place for you, provides several hunting opportunities such as deer, elk, wild turkey, rabbit, forest grouse, mourning dove and many more. Utah is also a good place for inexperienced hunters since there are guided hunts where the professionals help you with the hunt.


Utah Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Utah Deer Hunting Seasons




August 18 – September 14

Early Season

October 10 – 14


September 26 – October 4

General Season

October 20 – 281

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.

#2. Utah Turkey Seasons



Spring General Seasons

*April 13 – May 31

Fall General Season

*October 1 – February 18

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone

#3. Utah Elk Seasons



Archery, Spike Elk

August 18 – September 7

Archery, Any Bull

August 18 – September 14

General Spike/Bull Elk Season

October 6 – 18


October 31 – November 8

Youth Firearms, Bull Elk

September 15 - 23

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.

#4. Utah Small Game Seasons



Partridge and Pheasant

September 29 – February 15


September 1 – December 31


November 3 – December 31

Sandhill Crane

September 1 – 9


September 1 – 14


September 1 – February 28


September 1 – 30
December 1 – February 28

License requirements

Planning  to hunt in Utah? All hunters need to possess a Basic Hunting License or a Combination License if they intend to hunt in Utah. When obtaining one of these two licenses you can buy a more specific license or a permit for different game animals.

Depending on your age, you may be required to complete the Utah Hunter Education Certification before purchasing a license. If you are born after December 31, 1965, you need the education course.

These are types of licenses in Utah:

Resident License – a resident is a person who has lived in Utah for at least six months. All residents need the Basic Hunting License which will allow them to hunt small game, waterfowl species and upland game. If you want to hunt other game species, you will need additional permits.

Non-resident License – the rules for non-residents are the same, and the types of licenses as well, the only difference is that the prices are higher than for the residents.

Youth License – residents and non-residents age 17 or younger are allowed to buy a reduced fee Basic Hunting License. Anyone who is under 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or a responsible person who is 21 or older. Youth hunters will need additional permits if they want to hunt different game species.

Senior, Disability and Military License – senior residents who are 65 and older can buy a reduced fee license. Utah offers for hunters with disabilities special types of licenses. For additional permits and information visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website. Active military personnel who are stationed in Utah can buy a resident hunting license.

Night Hunting in Utah

Night hunting is allowed but in specified Counties. It is not restricted by state regulations, but to be sure if night hunting is allowed in certain Counties; contact the County officials or local city. Night vision is allowed as well.

Where to Hunt in Utah

Want to more about hunting places in Utah? The Utah Hunt Planner is an interactive map that is made to help you plan your hunt and research about hunting areas and area boundaries. You can read there some biologist notes; learn about harvest and population statistics, management objectives and more information that can help you have a successful and safe hunt.

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