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It’s now so easy to find a cheap night vision scope for use when the sun goes down.

If you do night hunting, then you can attest to how important a night vision scope is. These gadgets not only make engaging our targets at night easy, but they also make it much more enjoyable.

top 4 best cheap night vision scope

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Cheap Night Vision Scopes - Top 3 Editor's Choices

Best Cheap Night Vision Scope Reviews

American Technologies Network DGWSXS314Z X-Sight II Riflescope

After the discontinuation of the X-Sight 5-18 Riflescope, hunters have yet another reason to celebrate thanks to American Technologies Network X-Sight II.

This unit is a step up from the X-Sight. It comes loaded with numerous features that aim at making the hunter’s life easier than ever before.

To begin with, this scope is so easy to switch between several rifles that have a Picatinny rail.

This is impressive if you don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks on a scope for each of your hunting rifles. On this note, the X-Sight II features a profile manager. This feature allows you to save each rifle’s ballistic and zeroing-in data.

But what makes it a really good deal for you is its super powerful Obsidian II Core processing chip.

Simply put, this is a cutting-edge processing architecture that includes top performing processors and image sensors.

The Obsidian II technology powers a Smart rangefinder that handles most of the vital calculations for you. For instance, it estimates the distance from you and the target in 2 simple steps.

After ranging, the scope automatically adjusts its point of impact to allow you clean shots each time.

Importantly, it allows you to use the scope for hunting coyote and hogs at night and white deer during the day. This eliminates the need for hauling several scopes for different light conditions.

Among its great operation features include 3-14x magnification power, 160lp/mm, and a good night vision range of around 300 meters.

Importantly, ATN X-Sight II has E-Zoom technology that allows you to zoom your target without losing it in your FOV.

It also has a gyroscope to keep the images steady and blur-free and records images and videos for playback later.

Sightmark SM18009 Photon 6.5x50S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Sightmark SM18009 Photon is yet another night vision scope that you’d never go wrong with.

Like Ant X-Sight II above, this scope allows you to use it both for daytime and nighttime hunting.

What we like about this scope is that it’s light at below 2 pounds. So you’ll be able to manipulate your rifle easily for those surefire shots.

Sightmark SM18009 Photon is an incredibly versatile scope that you’ll be able to use in a wide array of applications.

First, it features six digital retical options available in white, green, and red. Of these reticle options, you get two crossbow reticles that allow you to use this scope with crossbows that shoot anywhere between 320 and 400 feet per second.

You also get two duplex reticles for rifles. These two will prove their real worth when hunting down hogs and raccoons.

Its reticles aside, this scope offers you 4.6x magnification power. This paired with its 42mm lens and a resolution of 640×480 gives you excellent clarity to a range of up to 120 yards.

This tool also has an on-board 810nm LED IR illuminator. This makes it possible to use the tool even pitch dark conditions.

Also worth mentioning is that Sightmark Photon is shockproof and resistant to weather elements. So if you want a scope that you’ll use for years, this might be the way to go.

Lastly, we also like that the Sightmark SM18009 also records clear images of your hunting adventures during the day or night.

Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

Are you looking for the most affordable night vision scope for long range shooting? Well, you might want to consider Armasight Orion.

Nevertheless, it’s also one of the most reliable models that we found for you.

It’s water resistant

As a hunter, you never know when the conditions will change on you when you’re deep in the bush. So you’ll want a unit that won’t give in to mere rain showers, spills, and splashes, right?

That’s where Armasight Orion beats edges out its competition. That said, you’ll want to consider this if you want a night vision scope for winter hunting.

On the same note, this rifle scope has a rugged body construction for durability.

Its body has rubber for firm grips in wet conditions. You’ll also want it if you sweat so much.

Performance-wise, Armasight Orion features powerful 5x magnification doubled by a resolution of between 30 and 40lp/mm. This is sufficient power to give you tactical efficiency whether you are hunting down elusive rodents or deer.

We also like that this scope comes with a detachable IR810 infrared illuminator. This addition makes it possible to use the scope in low light to dark conditions.

But the most impressive feature about Armasight Orion is its 40-hour battery life.

As you may know, nothing is so disgusting than seeing your scope’s battery die out when you are in the middle of action.

Firefield FF26014T Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scope

Firefield FF26014T is another must-have when talking about the best cheap night scope.

Like its predecessors the FF24125 and the FF25023, this is also a high-quality night rifle that brings you high-end features.

Check out its sleek body design. Firefield FF26014 is made from durable titanium that gives it a good resistance to weather elements and shocks.

This tool also has an ergonomic design that offers you great comfort when shooting.

How does it perform?

This night vision scope features a powerful 50mm lens that provides excellent resolution over a long range.

It’s also fitted with a powerful Pulse infrared illuminator that enhances image brightness.

This boosts the scope’s range in total darkness even further. Firefield FF26014 also has a flip-up lens cover that easily opens to reveal its high-quality multi-coated optics.

It also flaunts an illuminated reticle that makes using the scope in varying light conditions possible.

Things to Consider 

1. Durability

Needless to mention, you don’t want to blow off your money on something that won’t pay for itself, right?

On this note, check out your ideal scope’s construction design. Consider whether it’s waterproof or dustproof depending on your intended location of use.

It also pays to go for a unit with a good deal on the warranty. Again, read what other verified purchasers have to say about the scope.

2. Clarity

This refers to the resolution of the scope. It’s measured in LP/MM (lines per millimeter). Usually, the higher it is, the greater the clarity.

3. Range

You have no business with a scope that won’t let you see beyond 10 feet in darkness. However what matters most isn’t how far you can see but how easily you can recognize your target.

So, remember to consider the model’s recognition range depending on different light conditions; starlight only, quarter moon, half moon, and full moon.

how to choose Cheap Night Vision Scope

4. Ergonomics

Obviously, you don’t want a scope as heavy as a brick nor do you want a unit that beats your rifle in size. As you’ll find out, these units get bigger with an increase in magnification.

As you can easily guess, heavy scopes are hard to use. They may also affect the ease of manipulating the rifle.



As a hunter, you must know that certain game including raccoons, coyote, and hogs can only be found at night.

The problem with these animals is that you can’t track them down with your flashlight or other traditional lights.

Fortunately, the advancement in night vision technology has made it possible to get a cheap night vision scope that won’t cost you the earth.

If you’re in need of an entry-level scope, Firefield FF26014T or Armasight Orion above might be good options for you.

ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p Video, Ballistic Calculator, Rangefinder,...*
  • Use Day & Night in HD resolution - our HD technology gives you crystal clear vision whenever required
  • Day & Night Vision in Millions of Colors - best hunting optic that fits the situation at hand!
  • Ballistic Calculator - shifts Point of Impact on the fly letting you quickly calculate ballistics for any shooter's needs. Easily determine exact ballistics for expert long-range and angled shots
  • Smart Range Finder - identifies the range to your target with two clicks. Once distance is determined automatically adjusts your Point of Impact
  • 3-14 Magnification - Smooth Zoom offers fine tune adjustments for your perfect magnification every time

However, if you need advanced yet affordable models, ATN X-Sight II and Sightmark Phonton XT have your name on them, so to speak.

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