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Everyday hunting sessions are much easier when you have a rifle with a day and night scope - simple as that. However, they can be quite expensive, and buying them usually results in spending more money than you usually would on the entire hunting gear. Still, there's no reason to panic because there's an excellent solution.

Some of the largest hunting-gear manufacturers have designed the best clip on night vision scope devices that are easy to mount and use. The best thing about them - they are affordable.

We've compiled a detailed buyer's guide with a list of reviews of some of the best clip-on night vision systems out there. Make sure to check them out!


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Before we go over the entire list of reviews, here are our picks for the ABSOLUTE best night vision scope attachments.

The Best Night Vision Scope Attachments - Top 5 Reviews

Best Feature

Product Name


The Best Overall

Armasight CO-X Night Vision Clip-On Attachment


Armasight CO-LR NV Clip-On System

Budget Pick

AGM Comanche-22 Night Vision System

The Best Lightweight

Armasight CO-Mini HD Gen 2 Clip-On NV Scope

The Best For Beginners

Digital Crosshairs Clip-On NV 1000

Armasight CO-X Night Vision Clip-On Attachment - The Best Overall
  • Generation: GEN 3A
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Field of View: 13 degrees
  • Weight: 1.67 lb
  • Battery Life: N/A

If you've landed on this article in search of the best night vision optics and clip-on scopes, in particular, your search can rest after this product. You've found it, and it's called the Armasight CO-X Night Vision Clip-On Attachment.

Armasight is well-known in the optics industry for delivering extremely high-quality products on the market. Their devices have a versatile use, starting from military training and going to civilian use. Bottom line - no matter what you'll use it for, it'll serve you exceptionally well.

When it comes to the device itself, you'll see from the specifications that it has a lot to offer to its users. Firstly, you should know that there's no need to factory reset your daytime scope to mount this clip-on NV scope attachment. No re-zeroing, but it's recommended to be used with 6x magnification day scopes.

It's a third-generation night vision device, meaning your image will be clear, blur-free, and in high resolution. GEN 3 machines also excel at providing long-range accuracy, but it's probably best to use it as a mid-range device to get the clearest picture possible.

In terms of design, it's a well-made military-grade accessory with a fast catadioptric lens system that's powered by a single AA battery. It weighs only 1.67 lb, so it won't mess with your weight-sense of the rifle. Also, you can use your standard CR123A lithium one. A nice addition is the wireless remote control unit and a quick dismount system.

All in all, when you add in the high-quality, long-range IR illuminator to the mix alongside these fantastic features, you get the ingredients for the best night vision scope attachment on the market.

  • Made by a reliable manufacturer
  • Easy to mount (no re-zeroing)
  • Long battery life
  • Ergonomic
  • /

Armasight CO-LR NV Clip-On System - Runner-Up
  • Generation: GEN 2-3
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Field of View: 9 degrees
  • Weight: 2.86 lb
  • Battery Life: 30-50 hours

We have another product that comes straight from the Armasight storage facilities. It was a close call to put this one in the second place, and you're about to see why. Here's the Armasight CO-LR NV Clip-On System.

Clip-on night vision devices often require you to use attachments that permanently stick them to your day scope, so you're left having to mount them off when you buy a new rifle. The Armasight CO-LR solves this problem immediately by introducing quick-release mount gear that requires no resetting the daytime scope to make it work. If you feel like changing the rifle, it'll come off right away with some simple steps.

This Armasight CO-LR system is also equipped with wireless remote control, the same as the previous one. It features a bright light cut-off system to protect the image intensifier tube from sudden flashes of light.

Moreover, this device complies with all durability standards that you'd expect from high-quality night vision gear. It's water and dustproof and compliant with all the military standards for hunting gears. The battery life is also quite spectacular considering that a single CR123A battery powers it. Overall, it can supply you with 30-50 hours of running time, depending on how often you use it.

It also features a low-battery indicator, so you'll be set in all situations since you'll know whether you need to bring an extra battery or not. The only thing we could see as a con is the actual weight of this night vision clip-on scope.

It weighs 2.86 lb, which is not a lot, but it might take you time to get used to the added weight to your rifle. If you've been using it for some time, it might mess with your aim at first, but when you get used to it, you'll see all the benefits from owning this Armasight CO-LR.

  • Quick-release mounting fear
  • Military-standard device
  • Battery life
  • Durability
  • Extra features
  • Overall weight

AGM Comanche-22 Night Vision System - Budget Pick
  • Generation: GEN 2-3
  • Magnification: 1x - 8x
  • Field of View: 12 degrees
  • Weight: N/A
  • Battery Life: 60 hours

Surprisingly, the next product does not come from Armasight manufacturers, which does not mean it lacks quality. After all, having more manufacturers is better for the market and, therefore, developing better devices. So, here's the AGM Comanche-22 Night Vision System review.

One of the best things about this night vision clip-on is the overall versatility that it offers. It easily mounts in front of your daylight scope, but you can also stick it to your helmet or even use it as your primary scope if you hunt exclusively during the night. Whatever your style is, this device has got you covered.

When it comes to its general specifications, you'll see why it's perfect for night hunting. It has your standard 1x magnification range, optical coating, and it operates at extremely low temperature, which is incredibly important.

Also, it is Wi-Fi supported, which means you can easily capture your high-definition images and transfer them to a device of your choosing. Depending on the model you choose, the specifications will be better, but the price will skyrocket as well. For example, you can go for the 64-72 lp/mm device with an 8x magnification, but it'll cost you significantly more. Overall, we suggest you go for the budget pick instead.

Another impressive thing to mention is that it has a 60-hour battery life, which is very rare when it comes to night vision clip-on devices. Of course, you won't need to re-zero it, simply clip it on and enjoy the ride.

Overall, it might not be the best thing for the money on the market right now, but it's an incredibly well-made device for beginners who are just getting into night vision.

  • Wi-Fi data transmission
  • Different price/quality models
  • Extremely well battery life.
  • Ergonomic
  • Falls short in comparison to the premium models.

Armasight CO-Mini HD Gen 2 Clip-On NV Scope - The Best Lightweight
  • Generation: GEN 2
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Field of View: 22 degrees
  • Weight: 1.06 lb
  • Battery Life: 30-60 hours

Up next is another Armasight device, which comes off as no surprise considering that the market is overflown with magnificent products they constantly dish out. Here's the Armasight CO-Mini HD Gen 2 Clip-On NV Scope.

There are not many things you cannot like about Armasight products. They are always durable, have an optical coating, and can survive most weather conditions without a scratch. It's the same case with this one, and it can also function without a problem in extremely low temperatures.

It's a GEN 2 night vision device, meaning it has approximately 150 yards viewing range - significantly better than your average GEN 1 device. GEN 1 devices are also susceptible to image distortion, which is not the case with this clip-on - the resulting images are clear, blur-free, and not susceptible to image distortion.

Same as the previous Armasight models, this one as well requires no re-zeroing of the daylight scope. You can also mount and dismount it quickly using the quick-release Weaver mount gear. The only thing that's up to you is whether you want to mount it in front of your daytime scopes or helmets.

Another vital thing to know is the overall weight. Since many hunters often complain about the added equipment's weight, you'll be happy to know that this one weighs only 1.06 lb - a phenomenal number in the hunting world.

The only thing we don't like is actually the price since you can find some GEN 3 devices for the price that this one goes for. Still, you're investing in a high-end device that won't fail with the Armasight insurance.

  • Durability
  • No image distortion
  • High-definition image intensifier tube
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Expensive for GEN 2

Digital Crosshairs Clip-On NV 1000 - The Best For Beginners
  • Generation: N/A
  • Magnification: N/A
  • Field of View: N/A
  • Weight: 1.88 lb
  • Battery Life: 6 hours+

Finally, we have one more clip-on product that's left for a review, and that's the fantastic Digital Crosshairs Clip-On NV 1000. Even though it takes fifth place, it's still a product to consider, and let's see why.

Why is this product on this list? It may not look like your go-to device, so you might feel repelled at first. However, if you're a beginner when it comes to night vision equipment, there are a couple of reasons why this device should be your primary target.

Firstly, it's incredibly intuitive and easy to mount. It doesn't require additional scope attachments and re-zeroing of your current day scope. All in all, it'll take you around a minute to mount and dismount it.

If you don't like traditional scopes, you'll be happy to know that this clip-on comes with an LCD that makes focusing on your target much easier if you're not skilled enough. It weighs only 1.88 lb, so you shouldn't be too worried about the weight messing up your aim.

Another thing that might get you to put this clip-on into consideration is the use of rechargeable 18650 batteries that come included in the package. They'll approximately give you around 6 hours of usage time, which is not a lot, but 18650 batteries are a standard for electronic devices and won't fail you that easily.

The illuminator of this night vision scope attachment works at 850 nm, which is perfect for spotting prey in the absolute dark. You also won't have to worry about any damage to the device due to weather conditions since it has a PVC coating and is waterproof, including the display.

The downside of owning this device is obvious - it's not made for professional use, which is why many veterans avoid it. However, for a beginner like you, this clip-on night vision will work wonders.

  • Perfect for new hunters
  • LCD targeting display
  • Rechargeable 18650 batteries
  • Durability
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for professional use

Buyer's Guide for Best Night Vision Scope Attachments

You can probably judge by yourself from the previous reviews that night vision devices are often similar in their applications and features. Still, some properties help distinguish the best from the worst, and we're here to help you recognize them.

Let's talk about some individual specs that you should pay attention to.

best clip on night scope

1. Generation

If you're not familiar with the benefits and downsides that each generation of night vision brings to the table - you should. Overall, there are three standardized generations of night vision (GEN 1,2, and 3) and a non-classified GEN 4 technology.

The cheapest one is GEN 1, and you shouldn't expect much from devices that feature this technology - they'll give you optimal conditions at night with a maximum 75-yard range, and that's about it. The image will not be crisp-clear, and it'll often be blurred if you don't have a steady aim. Still, if you're a novice night hunter, GEN 1 devices might help ease you into a new world of complicated equipment.

GEN 2 and 3 are the standard in the industry now, but GEN 3 has many improvements over the former, which is reflected in the price. The overall viewing range, durability, battery life, and stability is improved, but it'll take a toll on your wallet.

The last one is the non-classified GEN 4. You'll often run into some products that are branded as GEN 4, but they are actually gated or filmless GEN 3 night vision devices. They perform much better and have a long battery life, but the military generally uses them for covert operations. You can find some products for civilian use, but you better be ready for a large investment.

2. Durability

Hunting can be dangerous for numerous reasons, especially at night, including injuring yourself due to lack of vision. If that happens, your equipment can also be ruined in the process, which is why clip-on night vision scopes are usually built to last. Still, it always depends on the manufacturer, which is why you should take a couple of things into consideration - getting a waterproof, dustproof, and preferably a coated clip-on.

That way, you'll be insured in all cases.

cheap clip on night vision scope

3. Price

Lastly, this should be one of your main concerns. As you could see, these products are quite expensive, and deciding to purchase one will be a massive investment.

So, think about why you're getting this clip-on night vision; if it's for practice and some enthusiastic night hunting, maybe it's best to start off with a mid-range GEN 2 device. If you're a professional, GEN 3 products should be your primary targets.

Best Feature

Product Name


The Best Overall

Armasight CO-X Night Vision Clip-On Attachment


Armasight CO-LR NV Clip-On System

Budget Pick

AGM Comanche-22 Night Vision System

The Best Lightweight

Armasight CO-Mini HD Gen 2 Clip-On NV Scope

The Best For Beginners

Digital Crosshairs Clip-On NV 1000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the (clip-on) night vision scope attachment?

In layman's terms, they're exactly what the name suggests. The work in cohesion with your day scope and transform it into a night scope. Also, clip-on night vision devices are not limited to scopes, and you can find them in binocular, monocular, and riflescope forms.

best clip on night vision for the money

Can I use a night vision scope during the day?

Night and day scopes can be used intermittently, but standard night vision devices are not meant to be used during the day. The image intensifier tubes are sensitive to light, which is why they're often made with bright light cut-off features.

Still, daylight will damage them, so make sure not to use them before evening time.

What is the best clip-on night vision scope?

Based on the research conducted by our team, it has to be the Armasight CO-X Night Vision Clip-On Attachment.

Not only is it made by the reliable Armasight team, but its performance outmatches any other product that we've seen. The stability of the aim and the general resolution is incredible.

What is the best cheap night vision scope attachment?

best clip on night vision rifle scope

The best one for the money is undoubtedly the AGM Comanche-22 Night Vision System. It's versatile, supported with WiFi data transmission, and it's super affordable.

Final Thoughts

It boils down to choosing the winner of this pseudo-contest, and we have to say that we've been bedazzled with the Armasight CO-X Night Vision Clip-On Attachment. Armasight has proven its quality over the years and still continues to impress with fantastic products such as this one.

If you're not ready to invest that kind of money, we suggest you try the AGM Comanche-22 Night Vision System. The bottom line - none of these devices will fail you, so make sure to grab the best clip on night vision scope.

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