Best Night Vision Monocular 2019 – Get Quick Buying Guide Now!

Going out for hunting or planning on joining a law enforcement agency?

Looking for a tool that’s going to help you out while you are in the field at night?

If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. A best night vision monocular is what you need.

This night vision device is going to be your best friend when looking out in the dark.

top 10 best night vision monocular

So let’s start off by reviewing top night vision monocular generation wise for the year 2019.


Best Night Vision Monocular 2019 - Top 3 Recommend

Best Choice
Bushnell Equinox Z2 6x50 Night Vision, Multi, One Size*
ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular 5X40 HD Night Vision Infrared Monocular with 1.5" TFT LCD Take Photos...*
Best Selling
Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular*
Customer Rating
Best for
Best Overall Night Vision Monocular
Best Digital Night Vision Monocular
Best Selling Night Vision Monocular
Best Choice
Bushnell Equinox Z2 6x50 Night Vision, Multi, One Size*
Customer Rating
Best for
Best Overall Night Vision Monocular
ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular 5X40 HD Night Vision Infrared Monocular with 1.5" TFT LCD Take Photos...*
Customer Rating
Best for
Best Digital Night Vision Monocular
Best Selling
Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular*
Customer Rating
Best for
Best Selling Night Vision Monocular

Best Night Vision Monocular On The Market: My Top 14 Choices

Bushnell Equinox Z2 6x50 Night Vision

Instead of an ordinary intensifier tube, Bushnell equips this 6x50 Equinox Z2 Digital Monocular with a modern infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor and a premium-quality micro LCD screen to provide excellent night vision capabilities.

The integrated infrared illuminator delivers the optimal vision range of 300 yards, even in the darkest nights. Meanwhile, you can record videos at 1080p HD resolution and upload captured images and videos effortlessly to a PC as well as smartphones and tablets via the Internet and free apps.

Plus, there is a Picatinny side rail for users to attach accessories directly, such as an extra illuminator for double illumination! Or you can use the USB port and RCA video-out port to connect the monocular to a recording device or an external monitor to view and record the live feed at the same time.

The smart screen will display in color images during the daytime and black and white during the night vision for better contrast and clarity. You can always use it 24/7 since the fully multi-coated optics can reduce glare yet increase light transmittance simultaneously.

To upgrade the optical 6x magnification that is impressive enough, the digital zoom function even raises it to 18x magnification - perhaps one of the most potent magnifications ever!

  • The LCD screen displays icons that show image brightness and IR settings, battery level, and digital zoom.
  • IPX4-rated water-resistance.
  • Powerful 18x magnification.
  • Multiple outstanding features such as record and stream videos, auto-off function to save power, various accessories compatibility, and so on.

ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular 5X40 Night Vision Infrared IR Camera HD Digital Night Vision Scopes

For people who are craving for night viewing instrument, this means to be the right monocular with versatile night vision options. Whether you are hunting, nature watching, or doing surveillance, it is always appropriate for you to put it in the gear bag.

Apart from the 5x optical magnification, the device gives you the options from 1x to 8x digital zoom. The sharp and clear 40mm lens in combination with the incorporated IR illuminator makes it possible to observe objects that are up to 656 ft away.

No matter if you use this ESSNLB device at day or under low light like, after twilight, the auxiliary lighting gear will maintain the razor-sharpness of all images.

The digital night vision function allows images captured on both video recording and photography functions. It offers a full range of output and connectivity options such as USB, cable, and card.

On top of that, its rubber coat supports hand-held functions as well as when mounted on a tripod. The lens is filled with nitrogen gas, so there won’t be any steaming and dust.

Unlike most monoculars on the current market, the instrument runs on a 3.7V / 750mAH lithium battery that is CE-certified and rechargeable instead of wasting AA batteries.

  • Rechargeable and safe battery
  • Highly functional for both day and night use
  • Many image capture options
  • Excellent image quality from any observation distance

Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular

The Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 provides the top-notch performance of first-gen night vision monoculars at a very reasonable price. Although the effective range of the infrared spotlight is merely around 60 ft., this is not bad for a product in its segment.

With all-glass optics, including objective and ocular lenses, you can even get up to 500x light amplification. Furthermore, the maximum 5x magnification power and the minimum 5.7 ft close focus range allows users to observe any target from near to far effortlessly.

Because of the included hand strap and unique design, you can operate the monocular efficiently with only one hand. Meanwhile, the extended body, in combination with a protective soft-touch rubberized finish, gives the item both convenience and security.

In contribution to the durability of the monocular, its lens housing is made of impact-resistant molded thermoplastic.

Unlike other older Gen-1 monoculars, this Night Owl’s product can provide stunning and brilliant images without having to sacrifice magnification power with its smart intensifier tube.

The incorporated IR illuminator supports your vision even in total darkness so that you can recognize all types of targets under any circumstances.

Last but not least, depending on your frequency of use, the battery life may range from 45 to even 100 hours.

  • Powerful light amplification
  • Huge magnification power
  • Short close focus range
  • Long-serving battery
  • Convenient single-hand operation

Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular (3X)

All Night Owl Optics boast artistic concepts and designs. And this iGen 20/20 Monocular is not an exception.

Apart from the eye-catching appearance, it upgrades your night vision to a new level with innovative technology and form factor. Instead of depending on ubiquitous intensifier tube technology, the device integrates a highly sensitive video capture system.

It is versatile enough and can be used 24/7/365. The adjustable frame rate can improve the light-gathering capacity effectively so that users can always have a clear view. Actually, it can even raise the light sensitivity from 300x to over 1000x!

Besides, the additional IR illuminator offers a smart circuit that automatically changes to adapt to surrounding light conditions.

Furthermore, the iGen 20/20 comes with a medium magnification power (2.6x magnification), which is ideal for outdoor observation. Its dynamic and intuitive form factor aids both right and left-handed users to control and enjoy.

Lastly, it features video recording as well as image capturing and tripod compatibility. Therefore, you can save amazing moments to view later or share with friends and family!

  • Adjustable light amplification.
  • The customizable frame rate (2 fps to 30fps) helps to control exposure.
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Ability to capture images and record video
  • Tripod mountable

Solomark Night Vision Monocular, Blue-Infrared Illuminator Allows Viewing in The Dark

While the IR technology has several drawbacks, it can still deliver great night time vision with less expense in comparison with new light amplification technologies if appropriately implemented. Solomark’s Night Vision monocular is here to prove that. Don't let its modest price hide away its incredible quality from you.

This is one of the rare monoculars in the low-price segment that allow users to capture video files. In spite of the normal video mode, it is still an excellent feature that you can hardly find at such a low price.

Although the included 4GB Micro SD card is somewhat acceptable to meet the requirement of today’s technology, you can still pay a little extra money for a better SD card. A 64 GB microSDHC UHS-I Card is a wise choice.

Plus, the manufacturer also includes a mini USB and AV cable, a neck strap, and a soft carrying case for its clients’ convenience.

Due to multi-coated glass objectives, sensitive sensor, 3-level IR LED illuminator, and color LCD-Screen, you can enjoy razor-sharp images within the 100-meter distance range.

This is sufficient for surveillance, nighttime hunting in close range, caves exploration, and wildlife observation.

  • Capture and transfer photo and video
  • Many bonus accessories
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good brightness and image quality

Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular

Designed with Generation 1 technology, this Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular is still an exemplary monocular for extended observation throughout the dark nights.

Integrated with a high-performance IR illuminator, the instrument reproduces radiant and clear images regardless of how dark the ambient environment is.

With ergonomic yet robust polymer construction and a 4x magnification lens appropriate for middle-range observation, this monocular promises to be a perfect companion for your night trips.

To save the energy for the night vision tube and protect it for more years of operation, the monocular features an automatic shut-down function that switches off the night vision unit if exposed to strong light sources.

Thanks to the care of the manufacturer, the package comes with a lens cloth, a 0.25'' socket for tripod or accessories, and a firm carrying case. You just need to put 2 AA batteries into the battery tray, and the device can run for 20 to 72 hours depending on your use with and without the infrared illuminator.

Protected by the Sightmark Limited Lifetime Warranty and assured about quality by the Sightmark Night Vision brand name, this Ghost Hunter NV Monocular model SM14073 is worth every penny.

  • Quality image
  • Short close focus range
  • Compact design & easy to use
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Comes with the Sightmark Limited Lifetime Warranty

Astromania Portable Digital Night Vision Monocular

If you are seeking a genuine NV monocular, this model is a wise choice. It comes with the ultra-low-light sensitivity that helps the device have an impressive performance in dim light environments.

Most noteworthy, designed for outstanding media capabilities, the monocular enables users to record videos as well as shoot photos so that they can document their discoveries at ease.

You will find your videos and pictures brilliant and crispy when you look at the high-resolution LCD screen built in the monocular. Moreover, with AV and USB capabilities, you can enhance the experience in watching these documents by transferring the files to a TV or a computer.

Providing the seven available illumination settings and 2x zoom level customization, this Astromania Digital Monocular allows you to manage image clarity and overall quality.

Additionally, given the price tag attached to this, the multi-coated optics system does a good job of transmitting light and aiding users to view from 328 ft away.

As a bonus, the monocular is easy to carry around and can be mounted on a tripod. Or else, you can wear it with a strap. It is very light.

  • Inexpensive
  • Digital technology
  • Compact
  • Zoom and illumination control
  • LCD color screen

Vortex Optics Solo R/T 8x36 Monocular

For both general purposes and specific uses like hunting, wildlife observation, or anything else, this infrared monocular is still a go-to solution for you.

Thanks to the proprietary R/T Ranging Reticle from Vortex, Vortex Optics Solo R/T 8x36 Monocular features a reticle focus designed for better-ranging accuracy.

This tiny 36-mm monocular is extremely portable but can meet rugged use in the field. It has a steady utility clip, O-ring seals combine with the nitrogen purge to ensure a no-fog and waterproof performance. Cold, damp, and rainy nights are never a problem.

Its strange no-button design allows single-hand usage by using your thumb and index finger to rotate and adjust the focus wheel. Meanwhile, the fully textured grip makes it easy to hold, too.

For your convenience, Vortex brings about straightforward and fast ranging. It is possible for you to measure angles and calculate distance ranges via the device's unique size comparison and measurements.

Lastly, the 8x magnification through the multi-coated 36-mm lens is free from reflection and covered by a flared eyecup to prevent ambient light from blurring the view.

  • Highly ergonomic and durable.
  • Simple single-hand use.
  • Allow advanced users to measure distances and angles.
  • Protected optical system.

BOBLOV Digital Night Vision Monocular 5x32 Optics Scope Night Vision Infrared Monoculars

This BOBLOV 5X32 monocular is a high-accuracy optoelectronic device that is specific for night observation. Although it works best in the low light condition, you can utilize this item both at day and night.

Switching on the assistant illuminator is only necessary when the sky is completely dark. Why? With a low-light CCD NV monocular, additional lighting is redundant while there is any other light source in the ambient condition, even a dim streetlight or a new moon.

Above all, you can have 5x optical magnification at normal mode, but when you trigger the digital mode, the number rises to 8x magnification.

It features a camera for video recording as well as playback functions (the manufacturer includes a 16 GB memory card in the monocular for its customers by default).

Also, there is a USB port, and a video transmit port for you to transfer video and photo from this monocular to other devices.

The minimum operating time is usually 2.5 hours when the auxiliary illuminator is constantly on while the maximum run duration is 6 hours without the illuminator. It is not too long but acceptable.

Plus, its mobility is astonishing. The monocular is light enough to be fixed not only on a tripod but also on your headgear. In this way, it is suitable for an array of uses, from night patrol to hunting, and so on.

  • Capture video, photo, and transfer to other devices.
  • Amazing versatility.
  • Work well in the dark.

Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular

Night Owl is a brand that believes in seeing in complete darkness. Their light weight night vision monocular is what you need.

It is a Gen 1 night vision monocular that contains a better quality image intensifier tube. It has a built-in infrared illuminator which enables you to see in complete darkness.

With a 3x magnification power and a wide field of view (68-foot field of view at 200 feet), this monocular is perfect for hunting, wildlife viewing and for security purpose as well.

The resolution on Night Owl is 35 lines per mm. The minimum focus range is 1.5m. The exclusive steel stringer system helps you in getting more precise images.

Keep in mind that this device has a manual focus so that you need to zoom in at an object manually.

It has a strong body with soft touch rubberized exterior and machined aluminum lens housing. The lens has a diameter of 42mm and is made up of high-quality all-glass material.

Night Owl requires 1 Type-123 lithium battery. This battery offers a battery life of 45 to 100 hours depending upon how much infrared you use.

Unfortunately you cannot export night owl out of US.

  • Amazing battery life, lightweight and durable

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell is a brand that believes in manufacturing innovative products for its customers. It caters to the hunters, military personnel and anyone who is looking for great optics.

Equinox Z is a Digital Generation night vision monocular which has the ability to work in daytime as well as night time. With its digital technology, you are able to see crisp images at any time of the day.

It has a zooming ability of 1 to 3x which means that you can zoom in or zoom out on an object with the help of a dial, level or a setting. With this feature you get up to 500 feet of viewing distance.

It comes with a built-in infrared illuminator with adjustable IR brightness. The multi-coated glass objective lens on this device has a diameter of 30mm.

Equinox has a rugged housing. It can be mounted to a tripod or a picatinny style rail and it comes with a carrying case.

Thanks to its digital technology, it has a capability to record videos.

Finally, Equinox runs on 4 AA batteries.

  • Extremely versatile and handy.

Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

The Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular is one of the most affordable monoculars available on the market. This monocular comes with 6x magnification, allowing you to bring up distant objects and discern their details more clearly.It also features 1.5x digital zoom and packs a 50mm objective lens.

Bestguarder’s HD Digital Night Vision monocular also has a built-in infrared illuminator. The illuminator is particularly good for use in exceptionally dark situations and lights up the image of your surrounding field up to 350 metres.

Bestguarder ships this monocular with a portable strap, allowing you to securely hang the monocular from your wrist or around your neck while keeping your hands free for other tasks such as holding a rifle.

The great thing about this monocular is that you can use to record live videos and images. This data can later be viewed on TV or you can transfer it to a computer.

The photos are captures with an image resolution of 2592 x 1944, 1600 x 1200, and 640 x 480 pixels, depending on your settings and preferences. The video is captured 1280 x 720 or 640 x 480 pixels.

The quality of both the video and the images is good enough for clear identification of details in a given view.

Firefield Nightfall 5x50 Night Vision Monocular

The Firefield 5 x 50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocular is another affordable monocular that combines a good array of features. The build of this monocular is rugged and durable, making it an ideal night vision device during outdoor excursions. And, the overall design is ergonomic so that you can use the monocular quiet comfortably.

Nightfall 2 is a Gen 1 monocular that is fully weather-resistant. So you can carry it around and use it during rain or storms.

The monocular is very light-weight and compact which makes it perfect to use and carry when you are outdoors for hours on end. It also has a built-in IR illuminator which gives you an alternative way of lighting up a view in exceptionally dark situations.

These features make Nightfall 2 a great choice if you need a quality night vision system during your hunting trips or for surveillance and tactical activities.

The light green display of this monocular delivers a very clear image, enabling you to view objects in the dark with great precision, thanks to a high resolution.

Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular (NV-200)

The Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular is a fully digital monocular that delivers a night vision system with black and white images. The black and white imagery lets you discern objects and other details in the dark with great clarity. And, the overall design of the monocular is quite suitable for use during outdoor excursion.

It has a very compact and lightweight profile which makes it incredibly well-suited for carrying outdoors over long periods.

MiniAura has a 19-degree angle of view and offers clear viewing in low light conditions up to 82 feet. This makes it an ideal and handy tool during outdoor camping, hunting in the night and other night-viewing needs. Carson ships this monocular with a wristback which allows you to carry it with great ease.

It also packs an infrared illuminator. You can adjust the intensity of the illuminator depending upon your needs. The illuminator is especially useful if you are going to use this monocular in very dark conditions.

The power needs of the monocular are also little, comprising of 3 AAA batteries. This makes it easier for you to replace the batteries when required or carry spare sets of batteries when you expect to use the monocular for extended periods.

What Is The Night Vision Monocular?

best night vision monocular for the money

A night vision monocular as the name suggests is a night vision device that lets you see in complete darkness. It is designed to be used with one eye.

It contains a single eye-piece and an infrared illuminator that enables you to see at night. Such a device amplifies light and translates it into brighter and clearer night images.

A night vision monocular is preferred over many other night vision devices because of its compact design and its versatility.

This is capable of performing as good as high-end binoculars that are extremely expensive and bulky. A night vision monocular is affordable as well.

Another advantage associated with night vision monocular is that it enables your eyes to quickly shift between natural night vision and monocular vision. This is fairly difficult when it comes to binoculars. You cannot quickly shift between natural and night vision.

Like other night vision devices, a night vision monocular is categorized according to Generation technology. You will commonly see Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3 and Digital Gen night vision monocular.

How to Choose The Best Night Vision Monocular

best night vision monocular under $500

Before purchasing a night vision monocular, there are a few things that you should consider in order to make the right decision.

To start off you need to decide why you even need this device. Where and when are you going to use it? If you want your night vision monocular for hunting purposes, then you should go for a device that has higher magnification and a greater field of view.

For a stargazer or wildlife observer, smaller magnification and a normal field of view will work too.

If you are a part of a law enforcement agency or military personnel, then you should definitely check out Armasight PVS14-3 Alpha Gen Night Vision Monocular.

An important feature that you should decide on before choosing your night vision monocular is the Generation technology you are looking for.

Gen 1 devices, for instance, don’t provide crystal clear images or the kind of images a military person wants. For military purposes go for Gen 2 and above monocular. The higher the generation, the better the image quality.

When it comes to magnification, you need to consider a few things. In order to get more precise and stable view, you should not go for very high magnification power. Magnification above 10x becomes extremely difficult to handle. So the standard rule of the higher the better does not fit here.

If you have to take your night vision monocular outdoors then you should consider its environmental rating as well. Go for waterproof as well as fog proof monocular.

Another thing to consider is the operating temperature – the temperature at which you can use your monocular. If you are going to use your night vision monocular in extreme temperatures, then you might want to keep this factor in mind.

For someone who will be on the go a more lightweight and compact night vision monocular is preferable as such a device will be easy to travel with.

For a security agent, preference should be given to a more sturdy and shock-resistant device as it will be used in extreme situations.

Finally, we come to the battery life. It is also an important factor that you should keep in mind. If you will stay outdoors for longer period of time then you should definitely go for a device that has a long battery life.

The Best Night Vision Monocular - Conclusions

So, who are the final winners?

The Bushnell candidate deserves to be the best overall night vision monocular. Although this device has a rather high price, it is perfect in all fields that you need at a high-end monocular.

Bushnell Equinox Z2 6x50 Night Vision, Multi, One Size*
  • 6x magnification and 50mm objective lens
  • See targets more than 1,000 ft away day or night with a power built-in IR illuminator
  • Stream live video to your mobile device
  • Control zoom, video recording, image capture and IR brightness directly from your mobile device
  • Capture high-quality 1080p video, day or night

Meanwhile, the ESSLNB product is desirable for its image reproduction quality - the top factor determining the performance of a viewing device. 

And finally, with adequate features, the Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 could be ranked third in the budget-friendly NV monocular segment.

We hope that our guide was useful and that it helped you in finding and selecting the best night vision monocular!

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