Delaware Hunting Seasons 2018 – 2019

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The Delaware state is a PERFECT place for any hunter due to its preserved nature and diversity in GAMES. There’s a huge number of both SMALL and BIG game species for YOU to choose from.

Incredible landscapes which are ranging from New Castle County through Kent County and all the way to the Sussex County. The woodlands are actually what seduce the hunters to pick this place for their hunting zone.

Outdoor is one of the most important parts of Delaware lifestyle, therefore, nature is preserved and cultivated.


Are you interested in both small game and big game hunting?

This is a perfect spot for a hunter like you because there is plenty of both types of games. The DNREC Wildlife Section manages around fifty thousand acres of land in Delaware where you can find a multitude of animals, rare species, wild plants and insects of all kinds.

Delaware Deer Seasons

delaware hunting seasons 2019



Archery and Crossbow

September 1 – January 31


October 5 – 14
January 28 – February 3


November 9 – 18
January 19 - 27


January 5th & 7 - 12

Special Antlerless

October 15th, 19 – 22, 26 – 29
December 8 - 16

Youth or Non-ambulatory Disabled Hunt

November 3rd and 4th

Delaware Small Game Seasons



Cottontail Rabbit

November 19 – February 28

Gray Squirrel

September 15 – February 2
(Closed during November Shotgun Deer Season)


July 1 – June 30

Ring-necked Pheasant (Male only)

November 19 – February 2

Bobwhite Quail

November 19 – January 5

delaware hunting season opening day

Delaware Turkey Seasons



Public Land Permit A

April 13 – 19

Public Land Permit B

April 20 - 26

Public Land Permit C

April 27 – May 3

Public Land Permit D

May 4 - 11

Delaware Migratory Birds



Ducks, Coots and Mergansers

October 26 – November 6
November 19 – 24
December 7 – January 26

Canada Geese (Resident)

September 1 - 25

Canada Geese (Migratory)

November 19 – 24
December 14 – February 2


November 19 – 24
December 1 – January 31

Snow Geese

October 3 – February 2 and 9th

Snow Goose Conservation Order

February 4 – 8
February 11 – April 12

Mourning Dove

September 1 – October 1
November 19 – January 31

King & Clapper Rails

September 1 – November 31

Virginia & Sora Rails

September 1 – November 21


November 19 – 24
December 15 – January 29

Common Snipe

September 7 – November 24
December 15 – January 26

Moorhens & Gallinules

September 1 – November 21

Crows (Thurs., Fri., and Sat.)

June 22 – March 31

License Requirements

Do you know what types of licenses you can purchase in Delaware? There are a few types you can obtain if you are either resident or non-resident.

For persons from the age of 13 to 15 years old, junior licenses are available, and persons over the age of 16 can buy a regular hunting license. 

Residents over the age of 65, residents under the age of 13 and certain military personnel, who are residents in Delaware, can hunt without a license. All landowners and their family can hunt on their property without a license too. Non-residents of all age must purchase an appropriate hunting license.

All residents and non-residents who want to hunt and are born after January 1, 1967, must first complete a Hunter Education Course and then purchase their license. All licenses can be obtained online.

Night Hunting in Delaware

Hunting in Delaware is not allowed half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise, except for frogs opossums and raccoons. These animals can be hunted during the night using a handheld light.

Prohibited methods of take include the use of artificial light to illuminate animals from a vehicle for observation or hunting. Night vision and infrared devices are not allowed as well.

Where to Hunt in Delaware?

delaware hunting season dates

There’s a variety of areas in which you can hunt in Delaware. Every area has an individual map, and for specific area rules or regulations hunters need to refer to individual area maps. Here are the areas where you can hunt in Delaware, and regulations of that area are described in the map:

Did you know that some species can only be hunted on public lands on specific days? 

Those game regulations can vary from the general hunting season, so it’s always important to check regulations for each public area before you plan to hunt.

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