How to Dress the Right Way for the Hunting Season

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With the archery season just around the corner, good hunters are probably scouting for the best hunting grounds.

But the most experienced hunters are most likely shopping for the best clothes for hunting.

It’s quite unfortunate that this is the most overlooked aspect when preparing for the hunting season

There is more to dressing correctly for the hunting grounds than just merely putting on your favorite pants.


how dress the right way for the hunting season

Why Would You Care So Much About Your Hunting Garments? 

First, it keeps you warm or cool as you lay an ambush for your desired game.

Practically speaking, you don’t want to be rubbing your freezing hands for some warmth when you should be aiming for a killer shot.

Secondly, it helps conceal your presence.

You don’t require a professional guide to tell you how bad it is to get busted out even before the legal hunting hours.

For the crossbow hunters, for instance, you want the best attire that offers you a camouflaging advantage to allow you to creep discreetly towards your target.

hunting season clothes

Importantly, finding the proper hunting clothes has a significant contribution to your well being in the elements.

The wilderness can be lethal, especially when you are lost and all alone.

So, how well the clothes help you survive long and chilly nights or the scorching sun when stuck on the mountain matters a big deal.

How Do You Dress for Hunting Success?

Worth pointing out is that hunting garments are a combination of several vital pieces: clothes, footwear, gloves, and a mask among other critical accessories.

So, here is an in-depth guide on how to put together the best of these regarding your target hunting field and the prevailing weather conditions.

1. Clothes

The type of clothes that you put on for hunting highly depends on how cold or hot the hunting season is in your State.

For the cold season, for instance, you obviously want something to keep you warm and alert on your stand.

Best Hunting Clothes for the Hot Season

For those of us who’ll be shooting in warm weather, you might want to wear clothes that are as light as possible.

early season hunting clothes


While cotton is one of the friendliest materials to be in around this time, it will stay wet for hours in case you sweat or get wet.

As such, you should be looking for clothes that will wick sweat away and dry quickly.

They should also allow breathability and protect you from the elements and pesky insects and crawlers.

The Kryptek Valhalla Pant Highlander is a great choice if you are looking for the best warm weather hunting pants.

These pants are purposely designed for the woods and do a great job of keeping you dry and cool, thanks to the Quick-dry technology used on them.

They are also super lightweight and come in different sizes to offer an incredible athletic fit.

The Kryptek Hyperion Long sleeve T-shirt is also a good match.

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It’s designed for excellent thermoregulation. It fights odors and wicks sweat off your skin.

It also has stealth scent control technology that minimizes your body odors and protects you from bugs.

The two also tick lots of boxes in the camouflaging department. This will simply be a win-win situation for you.

Another good option for warm-weather hunting pants would be the Prana Zion Stretchy pants.

prAna - Men's Stretch Zion Lightweight, Durable, Water Repellent Pants for Hiking and Everyday Wear*
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  • WATER REPELLENT: Quick-dry Stretch Zion woven fabric, a durable water repellent (DWR) finish and UPF 50+ protection keep you cool and dry on sunny days
  • DURABLE FABRIC: These adventure-ready pants are abrasion-resistant, making them a great choice for climbing, bouldering or any outdoor activity
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These pants are simply comfortable, excellent water repellant, and abrasion resistant.

Importantly, they are made for all weather and are also convertible.

Take note!!

Regardless of the weatherman’s forecast for the day, always remember to have an additional pair of clothing in the pack.

Things happen, and this extra pair might be a matter of life and death.

Best Cold Weather Hunting Garments

Hunting in cold weather is a whole new game.

The rule of the thumb here is to put on more clothes.

Most experienced cold weather hunters adhere to a 3-layer regime when dressing for cold hunting success.

Best Cold Weather Hunting Garments

In most instances, the first layer needs to offer a snug fit. Ideally, this layer should pull sweat and moisture from your skin.

Thanks to technology, we now have advanced fabrics that keep you dry without causing unnecessary itchiness and scratching.

The second layer is going to be something with some degree of ruggedness in it. It should, however, be light, flexible, and equally breathable. Think fleece.

Not unless the weather in your region is frigid, the above two layers should suffice in most instances.

Otherwise, you might want to put on another layer. This one should also be lightweight but warm.

Importantly, it should be water repellant or be able to dry fast.

2. Feet Protection - Best Shoes for Hunting

The best hunting rifle coupled with the best thermal imaging binoculars helps you bring some prey back to the camp.

Best Shoes for Hunting

But remember that it’s your feet that take you to the hunting grounds and back.

So, there is need to have proper protection down there considering how unfriendly some terrains can be.

As it’s the case with cloths, the best boots/shoes for hunting depend on the weather.

If you are crossing streams and walking through ponds, you want a waterproof boot.

You should also consider matching it with thick socks to keep you dry and warm.

For the warm weather, your ideal hunting boots shoot be air wicking and outright comfortable.

Overall, ensure that the shoes do not pull you down or affect your ability to move or crawl swiftly.

3. You Need Some Gloves Too!

Best Gloves for Hunter

Regardless of the weather conditions, hand gloves are vital for concealing your hands.

The golden rule here is to keep them simple to use but sturdy enough to protect your hands from the elements.

The best gloves for hunting should offer you a good grip on your crossbow.

You should also be able to load your rifle promptly.

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  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality apparel that ensures you’re prepared to tackle any obstacle, in any element, under any condition. Check out our storefront to view our complete line up of industry leading products.


As an experienced hunter, I strongly believe that your choice of hunting attire could make or break your day in the wilderness.

So, purpose to dress properly for the hunting season and hunt like the pro that you are.

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