Florida Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Looking for many different SPECIES to hunt in next year? The state of Florida can offer a passionate hunter such as you the ability to hunt different species using different methods.

Florida is home to many unique species which live and thrive in their natural habitats. With over 700 animals, more than 1200 fish and numerous aquatic and marine vertebrates, Florida is literally teeming with wildlife. With such diversity in species, you can imagine why this state is one of the best places for hunters both professional and non-professional ones.

Looking for various hunting options? Florida is a state with a network of scenic and remote lands for recreation and conservation. This is a home to abundant game populations like deer, turkey, gray squirrel, bobcat, quail and many other small games.


Florida Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Florida Deer Seasons




*July 28 – November 21


*September 1 – February 28


*July 28 – November 30


*September 15 – February 17

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone. You can always choose to use a more primitive method for hunting, for example, bows are allowed in all seasons, crossbows can be used in muzzleloader and firearm seasons, and muzzleloaders can be used in firearm seasons.

#2. Florida Turkey Seasons



General Season

*March 9 – 10

*February 23 - 24


*July 28 – November 21


*July 28 – November 30


*October 8 – January 13

Youth Hunt

*March 16 – April 21

*March 2 – April 7

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

florida hunting season zones

#3. Florida Small Game Seasons




November 10 – March 3

Gray Squirrel

October 13 – March 3


December 1 – March 31


December 1 – March 1

Rabbit, Wild Hog, Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk, Nutria, Beaver, Coyote

Open Season

License Requirements

Do you know what the requirements for a license in Florida are? For hunting in Florida, a valid hunting license is required when attempting or taking game or furbearing animals. Residents and non-residents can both obtain a permit to go hunting, but their licenses are different regarding the permits and fees. When attempting to take a deer, turkey, migratory birds, and waterfowl you will need a permit in addition to your hunting license.

Hunters who are born after June 1, 1975, need to pass a Hunter Safety Course before purchasing their license. A person younger than 16 doesn’t need to have a license, both residents and non-residents. Senior residents age 65 or older don’t have to pay for their licenses, and residents who are permanently disabled, as well as, members of the military personnel and disabled veterans. All licenses are available online.

Night Hunting in Florida

Are you interested in hunting at nights? Well, in Florida night hunting is allowed only on private properties. You can hunt all predators but not foxes, and you don’t need any special permit as long as you don’t use any artificial light. You can hunt wild hogs on private property as well, all year round without restriction.

If you want to hunt at night with the use of artificial light you need to obtain a night permit from the agency which controls wildlife.

Night hunting is not permitted on Wildlife Management Areas. However, night vision is permitted as long as the device doesn’t emit visible light, except IR light. It can be used to take wildlife, and it’s legal during the night hours.

Where to Hunt in Florida?

florida hunting season zone map

The state of Florida manages public hunting on 6 million acres and has one of the largest systems of Wildlife Management Areas in the country. These areas are divided into five regions: Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Southwest and South.

A special permit is required in addition to hunting license when taking wildlife on wildlife management areas, environmental areas and some public small game hunting areas. The requirements may vary by area, and for specific details always consult WMA brochure before you begin your hunting trip.

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