Georgia Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Are you interested in hunting various species? Georgia hunting seasons are a perfect choice for either experienced or inexperienced hunters since it’s one of the best hunting grounds!

Hunting in Georgia is extremely popular since there are around 630.000 registered hunters in that state. So when you think about it, those people spend more than 9.9 million days on the field, and that’s per year, for pure satisfaction. The thing is that Georgia possesses the greatest biological diversity and that’s what hunters seek.

Are you a hunter eager to learn all there is about the season dates and available games in Georgia? Read about all the details here and even learn something new. The big hunting games available are deer, bear turkey and alligator. Nevertheless, there’s a huge variety of small games for those interested.


Georgia Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

georgia hunting seasons and dates

#1. Georgia Deer Seasons




September 8 – January 13

Extended Archery

*September 8 – January 31

Primitive Weapons

October 13 – January 13


October 20 – January 13

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone. Deer hunts require permits and only 7500 are issued. Disability hunting seasons require permits as well. During youth hunt season nonresident junior hunters are not allowed to hunt. In some counties, there are special regulations when it comes to firearms as well as what’s considered a legal deer.

#2. Georgia Bear Seasons




*September – January 13

Primitive Weapons

*October 13 – January 13


*September 20 – January 13

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

#3. Georgia Turkey Seasons



General Season

March 23 – May 15

#4. Georgia Alligator Seasons



General Season

August 17 – October 8

*NOTE: There’s a limit to one alligator per year and permits are required for hunting them.

#5. Georgia Small Game Seasons



Fox and Bobcat

December 1 – February 28


December 1 – February 28


December 1 – February 28


November 17 – February 28


November 17 – February 28


October 15 – February 28


August 15 – February 28


December 8 – January 21


November 15 – February 28


November 3 – February 28


September 1 – 16

October 13 – 31

November 22 – January 15

georgia hunting seasons 2019

License Requirements

Do you know what hunting license you’ll need to hunt in Georgia? The license depends on if you are a resident or non-resident, how old are you and how long you want the license to be active. Short-term and lifetime licenses are available. Basic hunting license covers small game, deer-dog hunting, and an Alligator Harvest Permit. If you want to hunt bear, turkey and deer, you will need a Big Game License

A youth hunters age 15 don’t need a license if they want to hunt small game, but they must complete hunter education if they are going to hunt big game animals without supervision. If you are a hunter born on January 1, 1961, you will also need to have a Hunter Education Course completed before being able to buy any hunting license.

At the age of 16 residents and non-residents can purchase a basic hunting license. For senior residents of 65 years and older a free lifetime license is available. Military personnel and disabled veterans can buy a license at discounted prices. Are you informed where you can buy your license? All licenses are available online.

Night Hunting in Georgia

You can legally hunt in Georgia 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset, except alligators, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, foxes, feral hogs, bobcats, and small game, which can be hunted at night.

Night vision is allowed but if used to hunt these animals must be carried on the body of the hunter, on a belt attached to a hunter, but cannot be connected to a vehicle.

Where to Hunt in Georgia?

In Georgia Wildlife Management Areas offer hunting opportunities based on different factors, such as access, topography, climate and wildlife population. 

Because of that, each area has special regulations with what you should be familiar before starting your hunting trip. If you need detailed information about the areas, you can check interactive maps

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