Maine Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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For a passionate hunter like you this place with all essential information about Maine hunting seasons. Learn about all available games such as deer, turkey, moose, and many other species.

The Maine state is one of the best possible locations on Earth for hunting. If you want to be sure that you’ll be successful and bag quality game, then this is the right place! There is a wide variety of game species such as bear, moose, wild turkey and deer to choose from and there are plenty of them in terms of quantity.

Of course, there are small games – bobcat, grey squirrel, snowshoe hare and many more.

There are literally tens of thousands of acres unpopulated by people, but home to some of the most desired game by hunters. Registered Maine Guides will give you the knowledge you need for locating the perfect game.


Maine Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

maine hunting seasons dates

#1. Maine Deer Seasons



Bag Limit

Resident Only

October 27

Daily bag & Possession – 1 Deer Per Year

Youth Day

October 20


September 29 – October 26


October 29 – November 24


*November 26 – December 8

Expanded Archery

September 8 – December 8

*NOTE: Some season dates may vary by zone/WMDs.

#2. Maine Bear Seasons



Bag Limit

General Seasons

August 27 – November 24

Daily bag & Possession – 2 Bear Per Year; 1 by hunting and 1 by trapping

Hunting With Bait

August 27 – September 22

Hunting With Dogs

September 10 – October 26

Youth Day

August 25

#3. Maine Moose Seasons



Bag Limit

General Season

*September 24 – November 24

Daily bag & Possession – 1 Moose Per Year

Resident Only Day

October 27

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

#4. Maine Turkey Seasons



Bag Limit


*April 29 – June 1

Daily bag & Possession – 2 Bearded Wild Turkeys (General Season) or 1 Bearded Wild Turkey (Other Seasons)


October 1 – November 7

Daily bag & Possession – 2 Wild Turkeys either sex any age or 1 Wild Turkey either sex any age depending on zone.

Spring Youth

April 27


*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone/region.

#5. Maine Small Game Seasons



Bag Limit

Gray Squirrel

*October 1 – December 31

Daily Bag – 4
Possession - 8

Snowshoe Hare

*October 1 – March 31


*December 1 – February 21

No Limit

Woodchuck, Coyote, Red Squirrel and Porcupine

Open Season

Coyote Night Hunt

*December 18 – August 31

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone

License Requirements

Anyone who wants to hunt wild animals or birds in Maine is required to have a license. Are all licenses the same? No, the type of license you need depends on your age, resident status and other factors with some exceptions. In addition to the license, you will also need a permit.

How to obtain a license in Maine? Generally, if you want a license you need to show that you already had one in a prior year, or that you have passed a Hunter Safety Course if you are born after January 1976.

Junior Hunters: Hunters under the age of 16 need a junior license, and those older than 16 need to possess an adult license.

Special Licenses: These licenses are available to active military personnel in Maine, to exchange students, disabled veterans, and Native Americans. They can purchase a license for discounted prices.

Landowner Privilege: The landowners in Maine can hunt without a license using archery, crossbow and firearms on any land that it’s in their possession. This privilege doesn’t apply only to moose hunting; they will still need a license for that.

You can obtain all licenses online, from the MDIFW office in Augusta or through agents across the state.

Night Hunting in Maine

Are you allowed to hunt during the night in Maine? Yes, but there are some restrictions. Night hunting is allowed only for raccoons and coyotes, and you need a permit for hunting at night. Also, you can only hunt during the night from 16 of December to 31 of August, all days except Saturday to Monday. 

Artificial lights and night vision can be used, except for raccoon hunting. All hunters need to have an electronic or mouth-operated predator calling device.

Where to Hunt in Maine?

maine hunting season calendar

All Wildlife Management Areas in Maine are open for recreational hunting and enjoyment and provide a system of ecological holdings and protected wildlife habitats. WMA areas are divided into Region A, B, C, D, E, F, G for easier planning. 

Please, always check all area regulations before making your hunt, because various areas have different regulations and number of species. If you follow these regulations, you will have a successful and safe hunt for sure.

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