Maryland Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Are you interested in hunting various species? Maryland hunting seasons are a perfect choice for either experienced or inexperienced hunters since it’s one of the best hunting grounds!

The state of Maryland is one of the few states where a hunter can find arguably the largest Whitetail buck in the world. Both hunting on public land and private property are an option here, and you get to choose but bear in mind that you must have a proper license. Many other game species are available such as black bear and wild turkey. Of course, the abundance of small game species is outstanding, and you can find rabbit, squirrel, quail and lots of other small game species here.


Maryland Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

maryland hunting seasons 2019

#1. Maryland Wild Turkey Seasons



Spring General Season

April 18 – May 23

Fall General Season

October 27 – November 4

Winter General Season

January 17 - 19

#2. Maryland White-tailed and Sika Deer Seasons



Bag Limit


November 24 – December 8
January 4 – 6

*Bag Limit – 1 (White-tailed)
Bag limit – 3 not more than 1 antlered (Sika Deer)


September 7 – October 17,
October 21 – November 23,
December 10 – 14,
December 30 – January 3
January 7 – 31

*Bag Limit – 1(White-tailed)
Bag limit – 3 not more than 1 antlered (Sika Deer)


October 18 – 20
December 15 - 29

*Bag Limit – 1(White-tailed)
Bag limit – 3 not more than 1 antlered (Sika Deer)

*NOTE: Combined bag limits for all three types of hunts is 2.

#3. Maryland Black Bear Seasons



Bag Limit

General Season

​October 22 - 26

Bag limit – 1 per season

#4. Maryland Small Game Seasons




September 1 – February 28


November 3 – February 28


*November 2 – February 28


November 3 – February 28

Ruffed Grouse

October 6 – January 31


August 15 – March 15

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

License Requirements

In Maryland you can buy a full season hunting license, but do you know what does it mean? It means that you are legally allowed to hunt all game mammals and birds in the following season. Although, if you intend to hunt deer, furbearers, and black bears, you will need some additional permits.

f you are a resident between 16 and 64 years old you can buy a regular hunting license, and those under 16 years old will need written permission of guardian or one parent for them to be able to obtain a license. Seniors who are over 64 years old can purchase a resident senior hunting license for reduced prices.

Those who are non-residents, and still wish to hunt in Maryland, can purchase a non-resident hunting license, but for higher prices than the residents.

Do you need anything else before purchasing a license? Yes, you will first need to pass a Hunter Education Course if you want to hunt legally. This course includes firearms, hunter responsibility, safety and principles of wildlife management. If you are born after the 1st January of 1977, you are obligated to take it.

For first-time hunters, there is an Apprentice Hunting License which includes the completion of an online hunter safety course.

You can purchase all licenses online or visit one of the departments staffed Service Centers in Maryland.

Night Hunting in Maryland

Night hunting is allowed but with a few restrictions. It’s allowed on all days except Sundays, and in various areas, you can hunt different game. 

From October to March you can hunt opossums, coyotes, and raccoons with the use of artificial lights. Red and gray foxes can be hunted from November to January, but only east and west of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River.

Laser sights are not allowed at all in Maryland, but laser range finders are legal for hunting. Night vision is allowed as well, but for all additional information visit the Department of Natural Resources of Maryland.

Where to Hunt in Maryland?

maryland hunting seasons and bag limits

Public land for hunting in Maryland consists of Chesapeake Forest Lands, State Parks, State Forests, and Wildlife Management Areas. In these areas, hunting is allowed, but every area has different requirements and permissions for hunting. 

For easier orientation, Wildlife Management Areas are divided into four regions: Central, Eastern Southern and Western Maryland.

Maryland’s diverse geography and areas provide a vast number of different opportunities for all hunters, but no matter if you are an experienced hunter or a beginner, you should always check the regulations for the area you are planning to hunt in, and always stay informed about hunting dates for every area and region.

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