Minnesota Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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If you’re a passionate hunter and want to learn about Minnesota hunting seasons, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out about license regulations and the exact dates of each season.

In the state of Minnesota, in spite of it being one of the best places for fishing, it’s one of the best hunting spots as well! The hunting seasons open every fall, and an enormous amount of hunters come here to hunt for various big game species such as deer, bear, bobcat and wild turkey. There’s also an abundance of small game species – rabbits, squirrels, sandhill crane and many other.

Hunters from other states are envious towards the ruffed grouse population in this state, and that’s one more reason for you to come here to hunt.


Minnesota Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

minnesota hunting seasons 2019

#1. Minnesota Deer Seasons



Bag Limit


September 15 – December 31

Bag Limits – Vary By Zone


*November 3 – 25


November 24 – December 9

Youth Hunt

October 18 - 21

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

#2. Minnesota Wild Turkey Seasons



Bag Limit

Fall General Season

September 29 – October 28

Bag Limit – 1 per season.

#3. Minnesota Bear Seasons



General Season

September 10 – October 14

#4. Minnesota Bobcat Seasons



Bag Limit

General Season

November 24 – January 9

Bag Limit – 5

#5. Minnesota Small Game Seasons



Bag Limit


September 15 – February 28

Daily Limit – 7 combined


Daily Limit – 10 combined


October 20 – March 15

No Limit

Red and Grey Fox



Sandhill Crane

September 15 – October 21

Bag Limit - 1

License Requirements

minnesota turkey hunting seasons

Who needs a license in Minnesota? A person is not allowed to buy, transport, sell, possess and hunt wild animals without an appropriate license, with some exceptions. You must always have your license with you while hunting.

Residents and non-residents can both purchase a license, but their fees are different.

If you are 17 or younger, you can purchase a Youth License which is available for reduced prices. Age 13 and younger can hunt small game without possessing any license, but apprentice validation is required for persons who are under 18 years old.

Disabled persons, senior residents who are 65 and older, and active military personnel can purchase a license for reduced prices, or free depends on the game they are hunting.

For every person who is born after the 1st of January 1969, it's mandatory first to complete a Hunter Education Course before even trying to obtain any license. If you need more detailed information, you can find it in this Minnesota Hunting Regulations, as well as, the prices for every kind of license.

You can purchase all the licenses online.

Night Hunting in Minnesota

Night hunting is allowed in Minnesota but only for foxes and coyotes, and only from January to March. Hunters can use artificial light, but only under these circumstances: that light needs to be handheld, and a person can carry it while on foot. Shotguns and calling devices are allowed as well, but not within 200 feet of any vehicle.

Is night vision equipment allowed? While hunting, a person is not allowed to be in a possession of any night vision equipment. It is, also, forbidden while possessing a firearm or any other implement that could be used to hunt wild animals.

Where to Hunt in Minnesota?

minnesota duck hunting seasons

Wildlife Management Areas in Minnesota are specially created for various hunting opportunities and are part of an outdoor recreation system. There is more than 1, 440 public areas across the state which are available for hunting and trapping all kind of game, and waterfowl.

All areas are created to protect waters and lands that are essential for wildlife production, hunting, fishing or any other recreational uses. In Minnesota, there is an opportunity for wildlife watching, and it includes watching mammals, waterfowl, upland birds and many more.

You can find all areas, no matter if you are planning to hunt or want to watch the wildlife, by county and game species. Find every WMA by name, and see which species you can expect there, or which areas are wheelchair accessible.

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