Missouri Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Are you interested in hunting various species? Missouri Hunting Seasons are a perfect choice for either experienced or inexperienced hunters since it’s one of the best hunting grounds!

Ever wonder where’s the best possible place for some of the most exciting hunts? Well, this is the spot! 

Missouri is the state where you can find white-tail deer, turkey, pheasant and many other species in abundance. This is the state which contains one of the biggest deer in the whole country.

Many hunters neglect these hunting grounds, but you won’t be making that mistake for sure. There are around 2 million acres of publicly available hunting ground with a population of approximately 1.3 million white-tail deer.

Also, less hunter more game for you!


Missouri Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Missouri Deer Seasons



Bag Limit


*September 15 – November 15

November 27 – January 15

Bag limit – Two deer of either sex; Only one antlered deer before November 10th

Firearms, Alternative Methods

*December 28 – January 7

Bag limit – Only one antlered deer.

Firearms Antlerless

*December 6 – 8

*Bag limit – Only antlerless deer

Forearms November Portion

*November 16 - 26

Bag limit – Only one antlered deer

Firearms Youth Dates

*November 2 – 3

*November 29 – December 1

Bag limit – Only one deer of either sex.

*NOTE: Bag limits and seasons dates may vary by county.

#2. Missouri Turkey Seasons

missouri hunting seasons turkey



Bag Limit


*September 15 – November 15

*November 27 – January 15

Bag limit – 2 turkeys of either sex

Fall Firearms

*October 1 – 31


*April 15 – May 15

Bag limit – 2 male turkeys or turkeys with visible beard.

Spring (Youth)

*April 6 – 7

Bag limit – One male turkey or turkey with visible beard

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by county.

#3. Missouri Small Game Seasons



Bag Limit


May 6 – December 48

Bag limit - No limit


May 26 – February 15

Daily limit – 10
Possession limit – 20


January 1 – December 31

Bag limit – No limit


November 1 – March 3


September 1 – November 29

Daily limit – 15
Possession limit - 45


November 15 – January 31

Bag limit – No limit


November 15 – January 31


November 1 – January 15

October 26 – 27 (Youth)

Daily limit – 2 male pheasants
Possession limit – 4 male pheasants


Daily limit – 8
Possession limit - 16


October 15 – November 28

Daily limit – 3
Possession limit – 9

Sora and Virginia Rail

September 1 – November 9

Daily limit – 25
Possession limit - 75

missouri hunting seasons 2019

License Requirements

Wonder about hunting regulations and license requirement? 

For acquiring the permit for hunting in the state of Missouri you need to have a Conservation Permit Card. This will enable you the purchase of a hunting permit. So an individual needs to complete Missouri Hunter Education Certification requirements, select the appropriate permit type and buy that permit via Missouri Department of Conservation Website or find a retailer approved by the state of Missouri.

For a resident, and only people who have lived 30 days in the state or more are considered legal residents, there are hunting permits which must be obtained. Each of those permits is different for different species hunted; therefore, you will have to decide and choose or get a few of them. For non-residents, there’s a different type of permit but also each must be obtained for different species.

There are also: Senior hunting permits, disability permits, Youth hunting permits and Military and Veteran permits. There’s some information regarding those permits available online. For a more in-depth explanation visit the official Missouri Department of Conservation website.

Night Hunting in Missouri

For all those interested, night hunting in Missouri is allowed, in a sense that the artificial lights can be used but only in hunting bullfrogs and green frogs, or to hunt fur-bearing animals such as raccoons when treed with the aid of hounds. 

However, if you’re using lights to spot, search for, illuminate, disturb or harass other species and wildlife in a violation of Wildlife Code.

Night vision is NOT allowed nor thermal imagery.

Where to Hunt in Missouri?

missouri deer hunting seasons

Wonder where to hunt in Missouri? 

One of the locations with the huge abundance of any game either small or big is the Black River Recreation Area and The Arcadia Valley Region. Regardless if you’re an experienced hunter or a beginner, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

Of course, there are both public hunting areas as well as private land hunts. However, you will have to check the more detailed information about which counties allow hunting on public lands.

Online you can find all f the locations open for public listed from A-Z, and there’re 536 of them. If you’re interested in private land hunts, then you have to find a landowner, ask him or her for permission and also have a proper permit.

Best way to ensure hunting on someone’s private land is to promise something in return, like some of the game you hunt down.

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