New Jersey Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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If you’re a passionate hunter and want to learn about New Jersey hunting seasons, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out about license regulations and the exact dates of each season.

New Jersey is a state with the sheer abundance of game. You can choose from a wide variety of big game such as deer, black bear and turkey but also from small game species like rabbit, quail, squirrel and many others.

There's a tremendous amount of hunting ground and many perfect hunting spots. There are also guided hunt which will guarantee even an inexperienced hunter a trophy.

Around 750 000 acres of land with amazing wildlife and nature are at your disposal. The forests are densely populated by deer, and you'll be doing a favor to Wildlife Management by hunting them.


New Jersey Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

new jersey hunting seasons 2019

#1. New Jersey Deer Seasons



Youth Archery

September 22


September 22 – October 26

Youth Firearm

November 17


December 3 - 8

#2. New Jersey Black Bear Seasons




October 8 - 13

October 11 - 13


December 3 – 8
December 12 - 15


October 11 - 13

#3. New Jersey Wild Turkey Seasons



Bag Limit

Spring General Season

*April 22 – May 18

Bag limit – 1 Male turkey per permit

Fall General Season

October 27 – November 3

Bag limit – 1 turkey either sex per permit

Spring Youth Day

April 20

Bag limit – 1 Male turkey per permit

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.​​​​​

hunting seasons in new jersey

#4. New Jersey Small Game Seasons



Bag Limit


November 11 – December 2

December 11 – 12

December 14 – 30
January 1 - 31

Daily limit - 4


*September 30 – March 15

No limit


September 30 – December 2

December 11 – 12

December 14 – 30

January 1 – February 19

Daily limit - 5


September 30 – December 2

December 11 – 12

December 14 – 30

January 1 – February 24

Daily limit: 4(Cottontail)
1 (Hare & Jackrabbit)

License Requirements

Are you interested in hunting in New Jersey? Anyone who wants to hunt or trap is required to have a license. To obtain one, you need to be at least 10 years old.

Before obtaining any license, you are obligated to pass a Hunter Education Course first. Although, if you aren’t sure that you enjoy hunting, you can buy an Apprentice License that will allow you to try shotgun or archery hunting.

You don’t have to pass a hunter education course, but you can purchase this type of license only once in a lifetime. Every apprentice must hunt with a mentor.

Resident Licenses – you can obtain this type of license only if you have lived in New Jersey for six months before applying.

Non-resident Licenses – non-residents need to have a record of previously completed hunter education course when applying. For detailed information visit Non-resident Hunting page.

Youth Licenses – Persons who are 15 years old or younger may obtain a youth license which can be used for small game and waterfowl hunting. All youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult hunter aged 21 or older.

Military Licenses - Any member of active military personnel is allowed to hunt with a resident license. Disabled veterans, and National Guard Members can obtain their license for free.

To see all types of licenses, stamps, permits and fees visit the Division of Fish & Wildlife website.

Night Hunting in New Jersey

Yes, you are allowed to hunt at night in New Jersey, but only under these conditions:

You can hunt with shotgun only during the special coyote and fox season from January to March. Portable lights and night vision are allowed, but laser sights and rifles are prohibited.

Where to Hunt in New Jersey

new jersey hunting season dates

Public land open for hunting in New Jersey is administered by several entities including State, Federal and Municipal governments. There are more than 752, 000 acres of land open for hunting activities.

It’s important that every hunter checks with the appropriate organization about land policies in which he/she plans to hunt before starting the trip, to ensure a successful and safe hunt.

Here are the links that provide information about all available hunting lands:

If you need more maps or detailed information about a certain area, you can visit the Public Hunting Land page of a Division of Fish & Wildlife website.

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