North Carolina Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Looking for a hunting adventure? North Carolina hunting seasons offers every hunter an unforgettable opportunity to catch animals in its scenic woods and explore numerous hunting areas.

The enormous hunting grounds of the North Carolina state offer every hunting an amazing experience. With a vast variety and abundance of games, this is one of the greatest hunting grounds in the United States.

Many big game species are at your disposal such as deer, turkey and bear. For those keen on small game species, you can find rabbit, squirrel, quail, pheasant and many more.


North Carolina Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. North Carolina Deer Seasons

north carolina hunting seasons 2019




*September 8 – November 2


*September 29 – November 16


*October 13 – January 1

Youth Day

September 22

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

#2. North Carolina Black Bear Seasons




*October 13 – January 1

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by zone.

North Carolina Hunting Seasons

#3. North Carolina Wild Turkey Seasons



Spring Season

April 13 – May 11

Youth Season

April 6 - 12

#4. North Carolina Small Game Seasons




Gray and Red Squirrel

October 15 – February 28

Bag limits: 8 daily

Raccoon and Opossum

Bag limits: No limit (opossum)
3 daily (Raccoon)

Fox Squirrel

October 15 – December 31

Bag limits: 1 daily, 2 possession, 10 season


November 17 – February 28

Bag limits: 5 daily


Bag limits: 6daily, 12 possession, season – no limit


October 15 – February 28

Bag limits: 3 daily, 6 possession, 30 season


Bag limits: No limits


November 17 – February 1

Bag limits: 3 daily, 6 possession, 30 season

License Requirements

north carolina hunting seasons and bag limits

If you are 16 or older and want to hunt in North Carolina, you will need an appropriate license. There are several types of licenses and permits you can purchase, always check detailed information about what type is right for you, and if you need any additional stamps and permits.

Residents - in North Carolina you are considered a resident if you have lived in the state for six months, and for residents, there are some privileges like decreased license fees.

Non-resident –this status applies to everyone who doesn’t live in the state, but non-residents can also buy a hunting license, the difference is the prices.

Military personnel – members of the military stationed in the state are considered residents and can purchase a resident license.

Do you know that you cannot hunt just with your license? You will need an additional certificate, Hunter Education Course, which includes basic information about safety, animals and wildlife preservation. You need to pass this course once in a lifetime.

You can obtain your license by visiting your local wildlife service agent, or you can purchase your license online.

Night Hunting in North Carolina

Is night hunting legal in the state? Yes, but only for feral hogs and coyotes on private lands, with the permission of the landowner. Artificial lights for scanning and spotting are considered legal.

Night vision is not a prohibited device in North Carolina, as well as, infrared aided night vision. You can use night vision for navigating and scouting, tracking wounded game and other activities.

Where to Hunt in North Carolina?

north carolina hunting season calendar

There are more than 2,000,000 acres of private and public lands which are available for hunting.

These areas are managed by Wildlife Resources Commission, and are designed as ’game lands’. If you want to hunt on these ’game lands’, you will need a special license in addition to your regular one, and special permits may be needed for certain species in some areas.

Interested in a specific area? There are individual maps for every area, as well as, some additional regulations for that area.

If you need more information about these land and regulations, or which type of license you will need you can follow this link and find all that you need to have a successful and safe hunt.

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