Pennsylvania Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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Looking for a hunting adventure? Pennsylvania hunting seasons offer every hunter an unforgettable opportunity to catch animals in its scenic woods and explore numerous hunting areas.

The state of Pennsylvania is another amazing place for hunters. There’s an insane variety when it comes to games, and everything is perfectly organised into Wildlife Management Units. You can hunt for various big game species such as black bear, wild turkey, deer and many others. However, if you’re interested in small game species like rabbit, squirrel doves and such, you won’t be disappointed either.


Pennsylvania Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Pennsylvania Deer Seasons

pennsylvania hunting dates 2019



Bag Limit


*October 18 – 20

One antlered deer per hunting license year

Archery and Crossbow

*September 29 – November 12


*October 18 - 20

One antlerless deer with required license

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.

#2. Pennsylvania Elk Seasons



Bag Limit


*November 5 – 10

Only one elk may be taken during the license season


*November 12 - 17

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.

#3. Pennsylvania Black Bear Seasons



Bag Limit


*September 29 – November 10

*October 29 – November 3

Only one bear may be taken during the license year.


*November 17 – 21


*October 13 - 20

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.

#4. Pennsylvania Wild Turkey Seasons



Bag Limit


*October 30 – November 3

Daily limit – 1
Season limit - 2


* 27 – May 31

*NOTE: Season dates may vary by the zone.

#5. Pennsylvania Small Game Seasons

pennsylvania hunting season dates



Bag Limit


October 13 – November 24

Daily – 4
Possession – 12


Daily – 6
Possession - 18

Bobwhite Quail

Daily – 8
Possession – 24


Daily – 6
Possession - 6


October 20 – November 24

Daily – 2
Possession - 6


September 1 – November 24

Daily – 15
Possession - 45

License Requirements

Various types of licenses are available for purchasing in Pennsylvania.

Resident Adult License – this license can be issued to residents of Pennsylvania ages 17 to 64. This type of license includes hunting one antlered deer, one spring and one fall turkey, and small game hunting privileges.

Resident Junior License – can be issued to residents through ages from 12 to 16. Before purchasing this license, junior applicants must complete first the Hunter-Trapper Education Course. Every junior hunter can participate in the Mentored Hunting Program. This allows junior hunters to experience first time hunting with a licensed mentor.

Resident Senior License – every resident who is 65 or older can purchase this type of license.

Resident Military License – active military personnel on full-time duty in Pennsylvania can obtain a license for discounted prices.

Disabled veterans can obtain their licenses free of charge.

All these licenses are available for non-residents as well just the prices are higher than for the residents.

For every license, there are special add-ons which you need to purchase additionally. For detailed information about types of licenses visit the official Pennsylvania Government Website. All licenses can be purchased online.

Night Hunting in Pennsylvania

Night hunting is allowed, but artificial lights can be used under these conditions: you can hunt skunks, raccoons, bobcats, opossums, foxes, weasels, and coyotes, but only on foot and a mounted or handheld light can be used. Laser sights are not allowed.

Night vision is completely prohibited in Pennsylvania, but there is just one exception where you can use it. Any night vision equipment that is used just to illuminate the crosshairs is not considered illegal because they serve to illuminate only the crosshairs.

Where to Hunt in Pennsylvania

pennsylvania hunting season dates

Areas which are used to manage all game animals, except elk, birds and waterfowl are called Wildlife Management Units.

In these WMA’s anyone with a proper permit can hunt. The units are there to help control and maintain the wildlife of the Pennsylvania state.

There are around 21 huge management areas, and each one of them has an abundance of specific game animals. The thing is to learn which games are present in which management area and select the ones you’re interested in.

Management areas are defined by the borders that can be pretty much everything from public/private lands, population density, ownership to major rivers and roads, agriculture, timber and so on.

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