Tennessee Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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If you’re a passionate hunter and want to learn about Tennessee Hunting Seasons, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out about license regulations and the exact dates of each season.

With a vast amount of hunting grounds, the state of Tennessee is one of the most compelling places for hunters.

These hunting grounds offer many big game species such as deer, turkey, elk and others, so if you’re looking for a successful big game hunting experience, this is the place.

The abundance of small game is evident, and you can enjoy hunting for rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, quails and many others.


Tennessee Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Tennessee Deer Seasons

tennessee hunting seasons 2019-20




September 22 – October 26

October 29 – November 2

Muzzleloader and Archery

November 3 – 26

General Season

November 17 – January 6

Young Sportsman

October 27 – 28 January 12 - 13

*NOTE: Bag limits vary by zone and season type.

#2. Tennessee Turkey Seasons



Bag Limit

Fall General Season

October 13 – 26​​​​

1 bearded turkey

Fall Archery

September 22 – October 26

October 29 – November 2

Spring Young Sportsman

March 23 – 24

Daily: 1 bearded turkey Season: 4 bearded turkeys

Spring General Season

March 30 – May 12

#3. Tennessee Small Game Seasons

tennessee hunting seasons squirrel



Bag Limit


October 14 – February 28

Daily: 3


August 26 – February 28 May 12 – June 10

Daily: 10


November 4 – February 28

Daily: 5


March 30 – May 12

Daily: 6


Open Season

Daily: 3


No limit



Striped Skunk


License Requirements

Who needs a Tennessee Hunting License? 

If you attempt to hunt any game animal or assist in hunting, you will need to obtain a proper hunting license. Although there are few exceptions:

  • Residents who are born before March 1, 1926, military personnel, landowners and their families, and residents and non-residents under 13.
  • Hunters from age 10 to 12 will only need a hunter education course passed.

Residents who want to purchase a license will need proof of their residency or a driver’s license. There are various hunting packages, so before buying any always check what your options are.

Non-residents can purchase a hunting license but for higher prices than residents. For detailed information visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website.

If you are a young hunter 10 years of age or older and still haven’t completed the mandatory hunter education course, you can obtain an Apprentice Hunting License and hunt with a licensed hunter who needs to be at least 21 years old.

Night Hunting in Tennessee

Night hunting is allowed for racoons, opossums and bullfrogs unless the Proclamation strictly prohibits it. Only chasing of the rabbits and foxes is allowed, but shooting them is prohibited. 

Using any visual aid during night hunting is not allowed which means that ALL night vision scopes are off the table.

Where to Hunt in Tennessee?

tennessee hunting seasons calendar

Hunting in the state of Tennessee is something every hunter looks forward to because there’s a lot of hunting grounds around 7.000 acres of public land and Wildlife Management Areas are ranging from 53 acres to 625.000 in size.

The WMA’s are extremely populated with both big game and small game species, but from one to another they vary.

In some, you can find a greater amount of deer numbers while in other you cannot, but there you’ll find rabbits and turkey for example.

Bag limits also may vary from one WMA to another. Season dates are usually a bit different from zone to zone.

You will probably need a different type of hunting license depending on the zone because some regulations differ.

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