Texas Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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For a passionate hunter like you this place with all essential information about Texas Hunting Seasons. Learn about all available games such as MULE, DEER, TURKEY and many other species.

Hunting for whitetail deer has never been easier.

The state of Texas is the ground zero for this species and hunters such as you crave for places like these. Not only you’ll find deer in abundance here, but also one may hunt for alligators, mules, turkeys, pronghorn and many others.

The variety of animal life is outstanding.

Small game species such as rabbits, squirrels, quails, and pheasants as well as others are also present and wait for you to come.


Texas Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Texas Deer Seasons

texas hunting seasons and bag limits



Muzzleloader Only

January 7 – 20


September 29 – November 2


October 27 – 28

January 7 – 20

General Season

*November 3 – January 20

Special Late Season

January 7 – February 3

*NOTE: Season dates vary by zone.

#2. Texas Mule Seasons



General Season

*November 17 – December 25


September 29 – November 2

*NOTE: Season dates vary by zone.

#3. Texas Alligator Seasons



General Season

*September 10 – 30

*NOTE: Season dates vary by zone.

#4. Texas Wild Turkey Seasons



Fall General Season

*November 3 – January 20

Spring General Season

*March 16 – May 12

*NOTE: Season dates vary by zone.

#5. Texas Pronghorn Seasons

texas hunting seasons by county



General Season

September 29 – October 7

#6. Texas Javelina Seasons



General Season

October 1 – February 24 (North)

September 1 – August (South)

#7. Texas Small Game Seasons



Bag Limit


September 15 – 20

Daily: 6 birds


December 18 – January 31

Daily: 3

 Possession: 9


October 27 – February 10

Daily: 8

 Possession: 24


*September 1 - August 31

No Limit

Rabbits and Hare

Open Season


Sandhill Crane

*October 27 – January 27

*Daily: 3

 Possession: 6 – 9


October 27 – February 24

Daily: 15 

Possession: 45


December 1 – 30

Daily: 3 cocks

Possession: 6 cocks


November 3 – February 24

Daily: 5 birds 

Possession: 10 birds

*NOTE: Season dates as well as some bag limits may vary by zone.

License Requirements

What are the license requirements and what each license enables you? 

This is the most common question among the hunters. It’s plain that these license requirements vary from state to state that’s why it’s best to research about them before considering hunting in any state.

The state of Texas offers various types of licenses such as – youth hunting license, resident licenses, lifetime licenses, non-resident licenses and hunting lease license.

A youth hunting license is valid for any person regardless of residency but younger than seventeen at the moment of acquiring it. The price of this license is $7 and the cost of a resident license is $25. With a regular resident license you can enjoy hunting any legal animal or bird, but this one is valid only for residents.

There’s a non-resident hunting license which is more expensive than this one and the price is $315. You must be aware that the Hunter Education Requirements apply to all types of licenses.

All of the licenses can be obtained in two ways, one is to locate a retailer near you and go there, and the other is to do that online.

Night Hunting in Texas

texas hunting seasons by animal

Is night hunting as well as using night vision equipment possible in the state of Texas? 

If you’re one of those hunters asking yourself this question, then you’ll be surprised by the fact that it is allowed in Texas to hunt non-game and non-protected animals during the night as well as fur-bearing animals.

You can even use artificial light to aid you in hunting during the night. All of this is strictly allowed exclusively on private lands. On the public lands, night hunting is prohibited.

Where to Hunt in Texas?

Hunting is an activity highly dependent on the location.  

If you don’t know how to choose a good spot with an abundance of game in which you’re interested, then you’ll leave empty-handed. Texas is one of the states with the largest number of whitetail deer.

The thing is that almost every game possible populates Texas since there are around three to four million animals in total. Some of the best spots for hunting whitetail deer are South Texas, Pineywoods and Hill Country.

Wildlife management units or in short – WMA’s are also present here. These units serve a purpose of regulating the population of certain animal species thus there might be differences in hunting seasons from unit to unit.

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