Wyoming Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

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For a passionate hunter like you this place with all essential information about Wyoming hunting seasons. Learn about all available games such as elk, deer, bear and many other species.

The state of Wyoming is a real oasis for hunters. 

There’s an incredible variety of big game species such as mountain lion, bear, turkey, elk, antelope, deer and others as well as small game opportunities as well.

You will enjoy nature during the hunt due to its beauty.


Wyoming Hunting Seasons and All Available Games

#1. Wyoming Elk Seasons

wyoming hunting seasons dates 2019



General Season

*October 15 – January 31

*NOTE: Season date may vary by zone.

#2. Wyoming Antelope Seasons



General Season

*October 10 – November 20

*NOTE: Season date may vary by zone.

#3. Wyoming Moose Seasons

wyoming deer hunting seasons



General Season

*September 15 – November 20

*NOTE: Season date may vary by zone.

#4. Wyoming Deer Seasons



General Season

*November 1 – 30

*NOTE: Season date may vary by zone.

#5. Wyoming Black Bear Seasons



General Season

*October 1 – January 20

*NOTE: Season dates may vary a lot by the zone.

#6. Wyoming Mountain Lion Seasons

wyoming waterfowl hunting seasons



General Season

*September 1 – March 31

*NOTE: Both bag limits and season dates vary greatly by the zone.

#7. Wyoming Turkey Seasons



General Season

*September 30 – December 31

*NOTE: Both start dates and end dates vary by zone for season.

#8. Wyoming Small Game Seasons



Ruffed Grouse

*September 15 – 30

Sage Grouse

September 1 – December 31


*November 2 – December 31

Chukar Partridge

September 15 – January 31


September 1 – March 31

Rabbit and Hare

*NOTE: Season dates in terms of starting and ending dates may vary by the zone or region.

License requirements

What do I need to get my license? 

Depending on when you were born you may be required to complete the Hunter Education Course before getting your license. If you were born after 1 January of 1966, you are obligated to have it completed.

There are several types of a hunting license in Wyoming, and you can choose the one that fits your category.

Resident and non-resident license – a person who has lived at least a year in Wyoming is considered a resident, as well as active military members. You need a license if you are 12 and older, but depending on the game you want to ask you may need additional stamps and permits.

Non-residents 12 and older can purchase their licenses, but for higher prices than residents.

Youth license – if you are between 12 and 17 years old you will need a youth license.

Senior license – residents who are 75 years old and lived in the state of Wyoming for at least 50 years can be eligible for Pioneer License and are not required to purchase some stamps.

Disability, military and veteran license – residents and non-residents with disabilities can purchase disabled hunting permits. Military members are allowed to buy a resident hunting license.

For prices and stamps or permits you need to purchase with your license visit Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. All licenses can be purchased online.

wyoming bird hunting seasons

Night Hunting in Wyoming

Night hunting is only allowed on private properties; on public areas it is illegal. You can hunt at night on private properties with the permission of the landowner. When hunting at night, you are allowed to use spotlights.

Night vision or artificial light can be used to hunt predators but only on private land and with the permission of the landlord.

Where to Hunt in Wyoming

Looking for a place to hunt in Wyoming? 

There are access programs to help you find the right places to hunt.

Walk-in Hunting includes the places that are inaccessible or private on which the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have rights to public hunting.

Hunter Management Areas are parcels of land where hunters can easily access and hunt under the management of Wyoming department. This state maintains approximately 450,000 acres of available land for an unforgettable hunting experience.

Public Areas are properties owned by the Department which provide land for public hunting and use without any disturbance and reducing wildlife.

Hunter/Landowner Assistance Program is an opportunity for hunters to contact directly the landowner who is willing to permit hunting on their territories.

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