Arkansas Hunting Seasons 2018 – 2019

arkansas hunting seasons

For a PASSIONATE hunter like YOU, this is a place with all ESSENTIAL information about Arkansas Hunting Seasons. Learn about all available games such as ELK, DEER, BEAR and even ALLIGATORS.

Arkansas is a popular destination for hunting all year round. You can enjoy your hunting vacation, as well as, many outdoor adventures ranging from a unique alligator or elk hunting to catching trout.

The state maintains an active hunting program for all their residents and visitors. Here, wildlife is widely present on over several million acres of public land. Arkansas is famous for being a state which wants to remain in its "Natural State" and thus in spring when animals are breeding, hunting is restricted.

Arkansas is a special place where you can experience a unique alligator hunt. Other big game animals you can choose from are deer, elk, and bear. Small games that are available for hunting are rabbit, squirrel, quail, many of the migratory birds, turkey, furbearers and feral hogs.

Arizona Hunting Seasons 2018 – 2019

arizona hunting seasons

Everything all PASSIONATE hunters need to know about Arizona hunting seasons. These hunting areas offer exciting and dynamic experience with an abundance of both big and small game.

Among the big game animals that call Arizona their home are elk, deer, bears, buffalo, bighorn sheep, turkeys, mountain lion, bison, javelina and antelope. There are 10 big game animal species in Arizona, and all of them can be hunted through public land pursuit. The open country provides an unforgettable experience of field time for hunting fur-bearing mammals and predators. 

In Arizona, hunting education is not mandated; however, all hunters are always encouraged to put safety above everything.

Alaska Hunting Seasons 2018 – 2019

Alaska Hunting Seasons

Alaska is a state with world class hunting opportunities. The Alaska hunting seasons include hunting bears, caribou, deer, moose, wolf, waterfowl and many other big and small games.

Hunting in Alaska often means seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch a rare game in the Alaskan wilderness. Be aware that many big game species have long migrations between the seasons and if you want to hunt successfully always be thoroughly prepared.

Alabama Hunting Seasons, 2018 – 2019

alabama hunting seasons

For a passionate hunter, like YOU, Alabama hunting season is a perfect time for hunting many different species, such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, feral hogs and many more.

Alabama is a state with enormous natural diversity and has more than 1.3 million acres of public hunting land. It has one of the longest seasons and liberal bag limits. The fact that has the most significant impact on hunters is the opportunity to participate in their hunting heritage and to hunt at least one species during every month of the year.

Clever Hunting at Night – All You Need to Know About Night Hunting

hunting at night

Greetings fellow hunters!

Like you, I am an avid hunter. The thrill and unique challenges mean that my favorite time to hunt is at night. I have hunted during the day and night since I was eighteen and accompanied my father before that.

The first time you go hunting at night can be scary. You might be confused about what you need and how to go about getting it. But don’t worry we have you covered!

I have dedicated CleverHunter to sharing helpful tips that I have learned throughout the years. The blog will cover the best Night Vision Gear, how to use your gear, camping and other essential advice to hunting at night.

Guide to Hog Hunting for Beginners

hog hunting tips

Hog hunting is immensely popular among animal hunters.

This is particularly so because hogs breed at an alarming rate and there is a genuine need to eradicate them in order to safeguard humans and property.

Several states in the US allow hunting hogs on private as well as public land because of the need to reduce their populations.

hog hunting for beginner

For hunters, hog hunting is an opportunity to whet and fulfill their hobby while doing public good at the same time.

However, hunting hog has its dangers.

Compared to more benign game animals like deer, hogs are very aggressive.

If given an opportunity, they can attack and seriously injure a human being.

This is particularly true when they feel threatened. So if you are planning to start hunting hogs, you must take adequate safety measures.

It is highly advisable that if you are a beginner, you start alongside a more seasoned hog hunter.

At any rate, make sure that you have a reliable weapon and that you are able to track the hogs effectively.

9 Great Tips Will Help You Make Fire in The Rain or Wet Conditions

Fire In The Rain Or Wet

When you are camping out on a dry or sunny day, it is fairly easy to get the fire going.

All you have to go is gather the firewood, light up a spark and then tend the fire until it is handsome enough to keep you warm or to cook some quality food.

The real challenge is when you are outdoors on a wet or damp day or camping in the snow.

At such times, kindling a fire is a fairly hard job. This is where the following tips come in handy. 

These tips will help you create a fire in rainy or wet conditions.

Camping in Snow: Top 6 Important Tips You Should Not Ignore

Camping in Snow Tips

Camping outdoors is a great way of getting up close with nature and enjoying its various colors. 

Most people prefer to camp in the summers when the landscape is greener, rivers are flowing, firewood is plenty and they don’t have to face extreme temperatures.

However, camping in winters is as much fun. 

Winters offer an altogether different landscape for nature lovers. The white blanket of snow covers everything including the trees that stand like white sentinels. 

The rivers and lakes are frozen, and there are no tourists around. So winter is a quieter but equally scenic time to camp outdoors.

6 Expert Tips to Fishing in The Rain

Fishing In The Rain

Fishing in the rain has its perks and precautions.

One of the key attractions of fishing in the rain is simply the weather.

Although most fishing enthusiasts like to catch their fish on a clear, sunny day but sometimes, an overcast sky and rain can also offer an awesome fishing experience.

For those who like to take on a good challenge, fishing in the rain also furnishes that. It is definitely harder than fishing on regular days and you have to make some extra effort to make your catch.

Here are some expert tips and guidelines to improve your fishing odds on a rainy day.

8 Things to Prepare When Fishing at Night

Prepare When Fishing at Night

Fishing at night is quite different from fishing in daylight.

Night fishing is popular among fishing enthusiasts for a variety of reasons.

For one, night is the time when many fish varieties are bold enough to venture near the surface, making it easier to catch them.

Some enthusiasts may simply like the calm and the quiet of the night to enjoy a good fishing session.

Either way, night fishing requires you to be suitably prepared.

Many daylight fishing tips and tricks do not work when fishing at night.

So here are some important things to consider and other handy guidelines that will make your night fishing a success.