Great Things to Do While Camping at Night

Things to do While Camping at Night

The best part about camping during the day is that you have a whole slew of exciting activities to keep everyone actively involved.

You can explore the great outdoors through bird watching, leaf collecting, picking berries, and going on safari photos among other things.

But what happens when the sun goes down? Things can get a little tough since unlike at home, you cannot catch a movie!

But this doesn’t really mean that your camping trip should be any dull.

There are as many activities that you can do at night as you can do during the day. You just need to be creative.

In the next couple of minutes, therefore, I’ll be revealing to you several things that you can do at night with

  • Your kids
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    As a couple
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    As a group

Things to Consider when Cooking in the Wild

Cooking In The Wild

Summer is over.

It’s around that time of the year when the weather becomes pretty unfriendly due to the prolonged cold days and all the boredom indoors.

Not all people complain though.

The hunters have doubtlessly been looking forward to this season not only because of the excitement that the woods bring, but also the various wild delicacies that it comes with.

You see, one of the reasons why wild meat is so appealing to us, the hunters, is that we get it fresh and natural minus all the chemicals that prepackaged and pre-shaped domestic meat come with.

How Important Is Health in Hunting? Effective Exercises for a Hunter

How Important is Health in Hunting

Being healthy and maintaining a healthy life is not an everyday topic among hunters.

This is despite most of us knowing and acknowledging the numerous benefits of leading a healthy life.

Ask any hunter whether it’s important to be healthy and fit when hunting, you’ll probably get a YES within a fraction of a second. 

Ask the same hunter the importance of being healthy in hunting, I doubt you’ll get the response to this question as fast as you got the first answer.

How to Dress the Right Way for the Hunting Season

best clothes for hunting

With the archery season just around the corner, good hunters are probably scouting for the best hunting grounds.

But the most experienced hunters are most likely shopping for the best clothes for hunting.

It’s quite unfortunate that this is the most overlooked aspect when preparing for the hunting season

There is more to dressing correctly for the hunting grounds than just merely putting on your favorite pants.

Pros and Cons of Hunting by Rifle and Crossbow

Rifle and Crossbow

Hunting is an age-old activity that has evolved immensely due to man’s ability to develop state-of-the-art weaponry.

Today, the rifle and the crossbow are the commonest among avid hunters. But which one is better?

Which one offers the hunter value for their time in the woods?

It would be unfair to pick one over the other without first trying to get the pros and the cons of each.

6 Tips for Effective Hunting in Windy Conditions (100% Working)

Hunting In Windy Conditions

The topic of whitetail deer hunting in windy conditions causes a controversy whenever the debate arises.

To some, deer are the most elusive animals in the woods.

They attribute this to their crafty behavior and ability to use the wind to their advantage.

Based on this premise, these hunters believe that hunting in the wind is pure wastage of time since the prey will always detect the predator a few hundred yards away and take the necessary precautionary measures.

Most hunters in this school of thought will frankly tell you that deer don’t move in the wind, which makes it even harder to make a catch on these days.

Pros and Cons of Deer Hunting in Cold and Warm Rainy Weather

Deer Hunting in Cold and Warm Rainy Weather

Most hunters grab their bows and guns only when the weather is conducive for human movement, that is, in warm weather.

Like other human beings, hunters also like comfort.

They want to feel warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry when the rain takes over the show.

Since we tend to avoid being out in the woods in bad weather, we are also of the idea that deer also have the same feeling.

We convince ourselves that they are very inactive around this time and probably in their bedding.

8 Useful Tips When Preparing for the Hunting Season

Preparing For The Hunting Season

As a serious hunter, you must know that your success in the woods begins days or even months, before the opening day.


There are lots of mental, physical, and gear preparations to add into the equation if you really want to bring that game meat home.

Failure to do so may not only ruin your hunt but may also put your life in hard situations.

As the hunting season draws near, a common question that most first-time hunters ask is, ‘’Any tips for a hunter going out into the woods next week?’’ Now, that’s what I have for you here today.

6 Handy Steps for How to use Night Vision Scope on Crossbow

How To Use Night Vision Scope On Crossbow

Crossbows are popularly used by hunters and enthusiasts around the world.

With a classic touch and a wide range of cutting-edge features, modern crossbows are very handy in shooting at a target even over significant distances.

Although these crossbows are very effective during daytime, they can be virtually useless during very low light conditions, such as at night.

It is for this reason that many crossbow users tend to couple their weapon with a night vision scope.

A night vision scope essentially amplifies the available light in low light conditions, enabling the user to see with a lot more clarity.

This enables a user to see target objects and shoot them with far more accuracy during nighttime.

9 Practical Ways to Make Your Night Vision Better

make your night vision better

Night vision can be very useful when you are walking about in the dark or trying to spot something in low light conditions.

For shooters, hunters, various law enforcement agencies as well as for practical reasons of individual persons, good night vision is indeed a significant advantage.

There are many ways to achieve a better night vision.

Some of these ways rely upon training yourself and your eyes to be more adept at viewing in the dark.

Others make use of various cutting-edge technologies and night vision products, enabling you to view more clearly in the dark.

Following are some of the most practical ways of improving night vision.